5 B2B Content Marketing Rules You Should Break

5 B2B Content Marketing Rules You Should Break - Blog image

The marketing revolution provided thrust to press on B2B marketers to remold their strategies from classic to contemporary. Through this, we have conceived content marketing – a marketing strategy that engages on acquiring and retaining customer through media sharing and content publishing.

Nevertheless, as we invented it we’ve been tucked on a set of rules from diverse sources. As these rules progresses, it became norms. Now, we are on a debate whether these rules’ credibility is valid. So, here are the top 5 B2B content marketing rules you should start breaking:

Rule to break #1: Set SEO as the focal point of your content

Don’t always focus on making your content search optimized because you will end up overusing keywords. Google uses a more sophisticated search algorithm which evaluates every web contents semantically. So, technically, it’s pointless to defile the content with so much keyword. Keyword stuffing can also make your content boring and unreadable to potential customer.

Write for your reader first, then for SEO and lastly for the product. Always aim to grab the interest of the reader first and work on other essential items in the latter.

Rule to break #2: Make only website contents that focus on your products

Good contents are customer-centric. Don’t always highlight what you have, but on what the customer can benefit from you have. What makes B2B content marketing effective is to determine how to establish a good linkage between the content and the product, at the same time stimulating the attention of the reader.

Rule to break #3: Do volume posting, constantly

In content marketing the bottom line is always quality over quantity. If you focus too much on the number of your contents you will compromise its value. It doesn’t matter if your posting pattern is less frequent than your competitors’, as long as you ensure that your contents kindle customer’s interest and addresses their needs.

Rule to break #4: Make a steady-state marketing plan

Everything in this world is in constant state of uncertainty. An effective marketing strategy today can be useless tomorrow. In modern marketing, you have to be prepared for an unknown aspect that may cause intervention to your business anytime. Devise your marketing plan to adapt to changing environment. Set a keen observation on latest trends and extract benefits from it, at the same time, defy its negative impact.

Rule to break #5: Engage to all social platforms 

While you wanted to make an increase in your social exposure, it is very important to understand that not all social platforms are relevant to your customer and products. Learn how to maximize B2B lead generation thru social media. LinkedIn  generally generates more marketing leads than any social platforms. But this is not true all the time; it depends on your business’ nature and the targeted market segment.

Marketers should understand that unless there’s a deviance from the norms, we will never achieve progress. Rules are made to guide, not control. Don’t be afraid to break a few rules if that’s the only way to find a better marketing path.

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