Chances are you might be a spammer – you just don’t know it yet

When your content gets tagged as spam, it could be a major source of headache. Marketers have to deal with maintaining an honorable reputation to avoid being blocked or ignored in emails, blog sites and forums, and this task requires effort. This effort should have been allotted to more important stuff, like enhancing content quality or engaging with prospects.

But it does happen, and sometimes without your knowledge. All the while you think you’ve been sending your message across, but in reality you’re just a nuisance in the eyes of the recipients. You need to significantly improve your chances of reaching customers and prospects by taking the proper measures.

So how do you keep yourself off from the most wanted spammers list?

Polish your track record. Riva Richmond of gave some advice on keeping your emailing reputation clean. “In the same way a bad credit score can freeze you out of the lending market, a bad sender score for your domain name or IP addresses can keep your emails out of inboxes,” Riva says. ISPs use a number of tools to determine sender reputation. The number of user complaints, which are made by clicking a report spam button, is a decisive factor in reputation. “If more than one in a thousand email recipients complain, your messages will be blocked altogether,” she added.

Improve your content. Spam filters are very watchful of trigger words that are closely associated with general spam. Their alertness becomes higher if you’re a newbie at email marketing with no apparent experience or reputation. What you have to focus on is creating strong, non-spam sounding content. Avoid words like “free trial” or “promotions”. Draft emails as if you’re sending an email to a friend.

Use clean lists. “Avoid buying lists as they typically include spam traps, which are fake addresses used only to catch spam, and addresses of people who haven’t given permission to receive marketing messages,” says Dennis Dayman, chief security and privacy officer at Eloqua, a marketing software and services company. He encourages building a list or real customers instead, which, although time-consuming, can pay off big time.

Seek help. Marketing specialists use dependable emailing tools and services so ISPs can recognize your content as legitimate and trustworthy. Leaving the task to experts can help you manage your campaign smoothly and also boost your sender score within the industry. Firms usually offer services free for the first month so you could gauge the effectiveness and assess whether it’s worth teaming up.