Hole in One: What Golf can Teach you about Blogging


Sometimes it’s hard to understand golf.

It just seems so boring to play, and even more boring to watch. You stand for long hours under the sun, see nothing but greens and holes, and the only noise you hear is when people applaud, which only happens once every 15 minutes. But did you know that 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs play golf? Your boss probably plays golf, along with his business partners and executives.

So what’s in it that makes it so attractive to the corporate elite?

It’s the lessons that you learn. And these lessons can be applied to anything, including blogging:

Golf teaches patience.

There’s no time limit in golf. A player is given as much time as he pleases before swinging, as long he doesn’t delay the game “unduly”. You don’t have to rush your shot. Your opponent (and apparently the spectators) cannot do anything but wait. Much like in blogging. Patience can teach you not to create underdeveloped ideas. Although there could be deadlines set by your superiors, you practically have the liberty to write blogs according to your own pace, but “undue” delays should nevertheless be avoided.

Golf teaches problem solving.

In golf, you’re not only faced with physical puzzles, but also mental challenges. You have to be skilled at visualizing angles and at the same time be tough-minded to remain calm under pressure. Blogging may pose a different kind of dilemma, but bloggers also undergo physical and mental stress.

Golf creates your own style.

People would begin to notice a prevalent style in your game after playing golf in a while. You could be weak in your drives or iron play, but accurate in putting, and so on. This becomes your identity, just like in blogging wherein people sort of “expects” a style of writing, especially those who have been supporting your business blog. But of course, just like golfers, bloggers can choose to create a whole new strategy, or even imitate that of others.

Golf teaches inner peace.

Golf is one of those sports wherein your opponent’s actions do not directly affect your own game. It’s you versus yourself, and to play your best game you have to master concentration and control, making use of the calm surroundings to envisage a play. Similarly in business blogging, your competitor’s content usually does not concern your own, and the only challenge is to best yourself and getting the desired response from your audience.