Increase Your Sales Leads With Effective Telemarketing Management

People taking part of business event

If there is anything that you might complain about B2B telemarketing campaigns, it is that the rate of success can be pretty low. But really, that would only happen if you do not manage your team well. You see, this medium of B2B lead generation is a constantly evolving and adapting form of marketing.

Managing this requires leadership and business skills that not many have. It might take some years to master them, but you can learn them. You just need to be willing. And as for those who currently have telemarketing management problems, perhaps the following pointers would be a big help for you:

  1. More sales training – yes, your people may have undergone a lot of product trainings and the like, but it never hurts to have another day of training. A little polishing of skills can go a long way in your marketing efforts.
  2.  Assign more sales people – sales is a science and art, one that requires specific skills that only a few would be able to pull off. You have to make the effort to select people who have a deeper orientation to sales. This is for the good of your marketing campaign today and tomorrow.
  3.  Do your recruitment right – you want to make sure that you have the best people for your B2B lead generation campaign, right? Then make sure that you are sourcing them from a pool of really talented people.
  4.  Be a little more patient – with the way B2B appointment setting processes turn out, patience is a real, albeit rare, virtue. But really, a little patience can mean a lot in keeping control even in the worst situations.
  5.  Experiment with your pilot team – there will be events when you just have to use a new strategy or technique in marketing. In that case, you should work with a small group of marketers who will check its soundness, as well as iron out any wrinkles that might turn up.
  6.  Prepare cross-selling – there will be times (which would be useful for larger firms) when a sales leads prospect requests something beyond the responding marketer’s ability. You should train them on proper transfer processes.
  7.  Use transfer calls better – why let go of a call if you can just transfer it to someone else who has the time to handle it? You see, prospects lose interest in you if the call ends without anything meaningful done. By transferring calls, you also avoid the hassle of callbacks and still keep your connection with the business prospect
  8.  Draw the line firmly between sales and marketing – sometimes, the bickering between these two departments (due to vague job descriptions and work assignments) can be very bad, that your business loses more B2B leads that you generate. By designating which department does this and that, you avoid the trouble between the two.

It is all about proper marketing management. That is the secret to successful telemarketing campaign. This is how your get things done well.