Qualities of an Effective Inside Sales Team


Take it from the experts: successful telemarketing endeavors are not the result of overnight call script brainstorming. Real conversions are possible through inside sales representatives with only the best qualities.

You certainly wouldn’t find the right formula within the pages of Reader’s Digest issues in order to become a rock star sales rep.

We shouldn’t go far looking for the answers because, well, they are already out there in the open.

Informed. Your targets may adhere to a preferred schedule to receive calls. Knowing about such minute details as office hours can guide you from lead engagement to conversion.

Considerate. There is always that general rule to follow: Don’t call on Mondays. You might as well ask why, but many experienced sales teams would prefer to make calls on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Thus, if you are not sure about the first tip, plan your cold calls for the middle of the week.

Alert. Like guardsmen atop watchtowers, telemarketers are always at their feet, always eager for action. When they see a rare opportunity, they hunt it down. The same instincts shall also describe the way telemarketers contact leads. Calling within five minutes of grabbing hold of a lead is a demonstration of this vigilance.

Uses the Appropriate Technology. There is no guarantee that 100 percent of the calls you make will be answered. In many cases, the recipients hang up on numbers with a different area code. Fortunately for this, there exists software that can sync your number with the area code of your lead, thereby increasing the prospect of a sealed purchase.

Persistent. The world of both B2B and B2C telemarketing is fraught with challenges that can send a neophyte back to school. And rejection is like a leather boot kick to the groin. But get your hopes up. While getting rejected once or twice is a big blow to the ego, six attempts are enough in the pursuit of sales leads.

Understanding. Being aggressive can take you places, and hopefully not an early grave. Thus, it is ideal that calls are made during certain times of the day, preferably before periods of rest. Here’s a tip: Try calling between 8 to 9 in morning, and 4 to 5 in the afternoon.

These comprise the qualities of a successful telemarketing team. And teaching these to the next batch of recruits can guarantee an efficient growth of conversion rates and scheduled sales appointments.

Source: 7 Inside Sales Tips Based on Research