The 4 Spheres of Business-to-Business Selling


The 4 Spheres of Business-to-Business SellingWhenever someone mentions the word “Disney”, there are only several possible thoughts that quickly enter the mind: Disney films, Disney products, and Disneyland. Below the surface, one would also associate “Disney” with happy thoughts, like your favorite friend, your recent rollercoaster ride or a nursery rhyme you used to recite as a kid.

The Walt Disney Company is a multi-faceted mass media corporation, and it has become more than just a film producer, merchandiser and theme-park corporation. They were able to sell their own unique concept of joy among kids and adults alike, and their brand will be forever identified with that iconic symbolism.

Disney and several other successful companies in the world have come to know exactly what they’re selling, and such a question is very important in running a business. In the Business-to-business (B2B) setting, there must be a clear definition of what you want to sell to the public so all your efforts will be geared towards it.

Do you know what your company is really selling?

Selling the product or service

B2B sellers that are product-focused spend all their marketing endeavors in making their products look good in front of the relevant buyers. Their strategies usually involve emphasis in exposure through photos in social media and print ads. For service firms, they like to advertise in multimedia including TV commercials and YouTube videos to let people know what they actually do.

Selling the company

The Disney example is the perfect example of a company that sells itself. Disney loves to stick their popular characters on almost any product out there – lunch boxes, bags, toys and clothing. They don’t have to be particular, for as long as there’s a “Disney” iconology visible, people would already associate it with quality and esteem. For a company to effectively do this there must be a long-term investment on attempting to broaden your reach as extensive as possible. Once a name is established, it will sell your products for you.

Selling the solution

Conspiracy theorists believe that anti-virus software companies deliberately spread viruses throughout the web so people – and especially businesses – would buy their products. Appalling, yes, but true or not, you would see how they market their software by reminding people of the problem (sometimes creating an anti-virus to counter a certain popular virus) and would tell people that their solution is the only one that works.

Selling the results

This is as common as it can be. On TV, you always see diet products or programs that show you a before-and-after visual to convince you that they work. B2B companies, such as outsourcing firms, would usually boast their statistics (“We can increase your sales rates by 66 %!) or their clientele (“We’ve helped major companies such as….”) This is a traditional way to attract prospects by painting a picture of success before their eyes.