The Secret to B2B Online Marketing: Keep it Fresh

The Secret to B2B Online Marketing - Keep it Fresh_DONEEverybody wants to take their businesses online, some even to the extent that they’ve totally abandoned print ads and commercials. In the future, there would be a time when online marketing would be the ‘traditional’ one and today’s traditional marketing would be ‘ancient’.

But just like any other form of lead generation platform, its marketing power still has the tendency to go stale when the upkeep is poor. That’s why online content creators and publishers need to maintain the “freshness” level of their posts so their followers won’t end up getting tired of the same old stuff every time.

  • Don’t always talk about yourself. Prospects look for a business that understands their needs and circumstances. If your content does nothing but promote yourself, they wouldn’t see the value of wanting to learn more about you, much less work with you.
  • Delight their minds as well as their eyes. The experts will say that media-accompanied posts elicit more favorable responses. And this claim is backed up by heaps of statistics. But you don’t need a case study to believe it – photos and videos help boost a content piece’s marketability.
  • Tap other sources. If you tend to confine yourself within your shell, don’t be surprised when you end up suffering a drought in content ideas. There is so much out there that can give you inspiration and give you more awareness of the industry’s condition.
  • Check the calendar. You might be too preoccupied with creating content that you tend to forget what day today is. There might be something significant about today, tomorrow, the entire week, or this month that you could share with your audience while incorporating the value of your products and services.
  • Share stories – and not just your own. There are a lot of shareworthy stories on the web that talk about how other businesses managed to reach their goals or how a successful business faltered after a grave mishap. These are gems that everyone, including you can learn from, and your audience would be grateful if you occasionally share such stories with them.
  • What’s your take? Sometimes, content creation is reactive, not active. You need to develop and idea from the ashes each and every time. You can rummage around for questions and quotations related to your industry, and then share your answer or comment. Of course, when you give your two cents, make sure you back it up with sound logic and reasoning. Remember, your future business partners might be reading it.