Age of Social Media Marketing

The Age of Social Media Marketing

The Age of Social Media Marketing

Today is the dawn of social media marketing, where people no longer debate on the importance of social media in creating an effective marketing strategy. Businesses around the world have already realized and maximized the power of social media not only in lead generation but in the conversion of leads into revenue.

Marketers have a growing confidence on the efficiency of this type of marketing technique. In Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Annual Year Report, 86% of surveyed marketers regard the importance of social media in their businesses; moreover, 89% believes that social media improved the exposure of their products and created relevant shifts in their revenues. The following are the noted factors that highlighted the good effects of social media marketing:
  • Lead generation
  • High customer traffic in social media
  • Improved product presence
  • Growing customer loyalty and trust
  • Improved search system – thru Search Engine Optimization
  • Provides marketplace insights
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Improved lead conversion to revenue

In the age of social media marketing, E-marketers have now the ability to reach and connect with their target market easier and in a more personal level.

Content marketing

Quality content is the core of E- marketing. Consumers are already sick of traditional marketing words that they have been hearing for the past decades.  You should know your market, make the content compelling, and offer what they need not what you have.

Social media has been the biggest content marketing tool that makes content marketing easy to access for the target market. The hard part, thought, is making it not only with quality but enticing to the reader. In addition, the stiff competition against other brands, that are capable of creating quality content, is also a challenge.

Images are a thousand words

On Facebook, images receive 50% more interactions than text posts. Informative images are way more effective than articles; it can be visually stimulating and easier to apprehend. Infographics, a visual representation of helpful information that is intended to educate the reader with complex information quickly and clearly, improves cognition by using colorful graphic designs which enhances human understanding on the topic.

 Business in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still the biggest social media for professionals with more than 230 million users and constantly growing. It is the top source of business related contents and is the premier social destination for business.  Fueled d by corporate influencers comprised of high profile CEO, entrepreneurs, and business leader. Marketers should take advantage of LinkedIn’s branding, advertising, and product featuring opportunities.

Google+ and Google search

Social and Search: the killer duo. Google+ has a relatively greater intervention in Google search compared to other social networking sites; trends within it will continue to influence the search results listings. Apparently, Google’s search algorithms are greatly moved by quality content, keywords, and emphasized posts from its own social platform. Complemented with other Google services; built-in authorship verification, Google Analytics, and more, it will offer a sheer competitive advantage in social media marketing.

Social statistics

Statistics are the most reliable basis of decision making, and social media developers understand this; that’s why they have been adding statistical feature, such as likes, shares, and +1’s, that will allow users to track social activities. Moreover, marketers will be able to understand customers’ online behavior using business software that can generate relevant statistics that are very helpful in decision making. After they understand certain customer pattern, marketers can immediately address existing issues by adjusting certain marketing parameters to neutralize these issues.

Social media marketing is a relatively new trend but it immediately became a vital component of the modern marketing mix.  Through leveraging and understanding the impacts of social media, companies will have a more dangerous edge against its competitors. Although we have utilized it as a form of marketing tool, we have not yet unleashed its full potential. It will take more knowledge, innovation, commitment, and competition to make social media marketing evolving.

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