Getting no love on Twitter? Make your tweets look more gorgeous

Getting no love on Twitter - Make your tweets look more gorgeous

Remember how the Twitter Timeline looks like? It’s sort of a live feed of thoughts by people you follow, and if you close your eyes, count to three and open them again, you’d see a new tweet updated. That’s right – it’s not exactly as pleasing to the eye as Facebook, because you practically see an endless stream of posts and there is a high likelihood of you missing a particular tweet.

Now if you’re a business marketer trying to gain attention on Twitter, that’s bad news. You all but have to compete with tweets of other people: close friends, celebrities, spammers, updates from subscriptions, and everything else that clogs up the timeline.

So how do you make people notice your business tweets?

  • Avoid slang and abbreviations – What you want to achieve is to distinguish yourself from a barrage of regular tweets. To do so, avoid using common slang words and abbreviations (do you really think using “AFAIK” instead of “as far as I know” is attractive?)
  • Use shortened links – You only have 140 characters to put your message out there, so you don’t want to use half of it on links alone. Use link shortening services ( or to save space. Also, make sure the link is worth the click; don’t just link for the sake of linking.
  • Easy on hashtags (#) – You can use a maximum of 2 hashtags per tweet to effectively channel your post into the target group. Any more than 2 hashtags crosses the border to being considered spam.
  • Leave space for retweets – Leave around 20 characters for people to retweet your posts with additional comments or mentions. Additional space saver: use symbols (e.g. replace “and” with “&”).
  • Don’t just tweet anytime – Buddy Media declares that tweets published between 8 AM and 7 PM on Saturdays and Sundays earn 30% more engagement from followers. Although your business may tweet outside the recommended timeframe, reserve all your best weapons for the right moments.
  • Proofread – The Twitter community is merciless when it comes to misspellings and grammar flaws, especially in a tweet coming from an institution or a famous company. Dedicate time (what is 60 seconds?) to review your tweet before publishing and save yourself from the humiliation.
  • Don’t shout – While it does capture attention, it’s for all the wrong reasons. The last thing you want your potential customers to think is that you’re arrogantly, desperately begging for attention – unless, of course, if that is true.