The Secret Ingredient in Turning Your Social Followers Into Qualified Leads

The Secret Ingredients in Turning Your Social Followers Into Qualified Leads

Would a plain cupcake, with no extra flavour nor garnishing, appeal palatable to you? (I don’t think so..)

Each cupcake recipe has a required oven baking temperature in order to achieve the desired taste and shape and the same purpose applies to flavouring, frosting, and garnishing to make your cupcakes look so adorable and of course, qualified saleable desserts!

In the B2B world, social media followers, like plain cupcakes, will remain in the same level and label unless nurtured, where needs are uncovered and their topmost level of interest is achieved, before you can turn them into qualified leads. Aside from standard social media goals such as Likes and Shares, there are some extra tactics that would help turn your social followers into leads.

Below are some tips that you can integrate with your social media marketing to achieve extra special lead generation results:

The Email Marketing Flavour

The Email Marketing Flavour

Social media, when done right, can boost brand awareness and help you build a good relationship with your followers via constant web activity and communication. However, one thing that social media is not fully equipped to do is to generate quality leads. At this point, use some extras like email marketing tactic which will induce the lead generation process to enhance the effectiveness of your social media marketing. Here’s more, learn how to make decision makers and prospects call back or reply to your email. points some reasons why email marketing should be an essential ingredient to your social marketing lead generation mixture:

  • Your audience already knows you
  • Social media is noisy, email is quieter
  • People will see more in your emails
  • You can say a lot on email

Tip: Follow up your social followers through emails and be more targeted in delivering your message. So how can you get email addresses without being labeled as spam or worse ruining your social reputation? The next step will answer this question. 

The Lead Generation Frosting Ingredients

The Lead Generation Frosting Ingredients suggests to use OptinMonster, a lead generation tool that will help you design nice forms that can be posted on different parts of your site that can deliver the highest conversion rates; and get people to sign up faster. The following pop-ups may be created:

  • Page Takeover. Once a social media follower clicks a link, the page is blocked, and another form comes up where they can give an email in exchange for your lead magnet
  • Exit Pop-up. An exit pop-up is used to get website visitors to subscribe before they leave.
  • Sidebar form. A form that rests on your website’s sidebar which you can be created with catchy designs that would be hard for your visitors to resist to notice.
  • Newsletter Subscription

Take this Ebook: The Ultimate Lead Generation Kit to Jumpstart your Business as an example.

Tip: From social media, lure your followers and lead them to your website. The widgets mentioned above will help you capture their emails in a legit way and nurture them to become qualified leads.

 Garnish To Expand Your Social Reach

Garnish To Expand Your Social Reach

Measure the impact of each tactic you apply to gauge the effectiveness of your lead generation process. You need to know what your followers think and feel about your product which could be a credible reference for gathering ideas and steps for improvement. Start a Fire adds a branded badge to whatever content you recommend. It is also imperative to have a tool that will tell you which content your followers are reading and at the same time who your readers areLeadfeeder can do this for you.

Your social followers are undeniably active proofs of potent marketing tactics but undermining such may cause the business to be at a critical point. Instead, zoom in on extra tools and processes that you can integrate with your social marketing to turn your plain social followers into flavoured, nicely frosted and well garnished-like qualified leads.

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