Is Social Media Still Hot in Australia?

Is Social Media Still Hot in Australia?

Make no mistake. Summer is just around the corner indicated by a gradual rise in temperatures across the outback. But aside from that, we are also expecting B2B businesses to heat their multi-channel B2B marketing campaigns not only for this particular season, but also for the rest of the year.

This also entails a good deal of spending for social media marketing, but does tweeting and posting Facebook status updates still relevant?

Generally, there is a high reliance on social media platforms among B2B enterprises, with 84% still regard social media as an important provider of quality leads. Some even note that they were able to close a buyer through Facebook and LinkedIn. So, the question whether social media has a little spark left in it has found its answer: Yes, there is.

But as buyers now have nurtured more sophisticated tastes in selecting the type of solutions that fit their needs, it is essential now for suppliers to reevaluate their social media campaigns to better maintain attributed revenue, close sales, and manage relevant communications with existing clients.

Take these social media tips into account and keep your sales all fired up with quality B2B leads.

Maximize shareability

Social media’s magic is sourced mainly from its capability to enable the sharing of content. An obvious consequence of this is reach expansion. Allowing visitors to share your content within their own networks introduces you to potential opportunities, thus driving more traffic of marketing leads.

Make your content stand out

This is a given. But while we can say posting content is easy, coming up with ideas on what to post isn’t. Fact of the matter is that quality dominates quantity anytime of the day. Hence, aim for content that can easily turn people from mere followers to leads. Do your own research on key problems of a particular industry and offer new, relevant wisdom to specific issues.

Know the needs of the niche

To drive the best possible leads, it is important to formulate a social media content plan that centers on the immediate needs of a given niche. You should be able to diversify your blog posts and other resources to target specific segments of your audience.

Have someone cook you up with a plate of hot leads

Take some time off to consider outsourcing your core marketing and sales processes. There are lead generation companies that offer competent handling of multi-channel strategies that go well with your strategies.