Is your Social Media Campaign Getting Enough ROI?

Is your Social Media Campaign Getting Enough ROI

When drafting a lead generation campaign plan, we must consider two important things.

First off, there is a need to create content that can get your targets hooked to your offers. This stage is often the most critical as you pool your resources and personnel together and come up with the best possible approach to engage B2B prospects online.

The other aspect is anchored on tracking the progress and gains of your campaign through analytical tools. Here, we tackle the complex world of ROI and web traffic analytics, which is equally important as you need to identify market stimuli around which you can form future strategies.

Thus, we must learn how to effectively track ROI as present loses and gains can determine future successes or failures.

To know if your social media campaign is gaining leverage in accordance with your objectives, track and analyze these aspects:

Traffic. Measuring site traffic is one way of gauging the popularity your campaign has incurred. Typically, you determine popularity by the amount of visitors that willingly visit your site. Other than that, having a complete profile, a comprehensive listing of your offers and an attractive site design are two important factors that contribute to traffic volume. The obvious course of action here is to solidify the components of the campaign you feel have profound bearing on web visits. But it can also prove advantageous if you experiment with and strengthen other components.

Conversions. If you are paying attention to your conversion stats enough, you would find in it a source of (temporary) elation. The number of sales leads converting into actual sales says a lot about the successes of your campaign. Of course, the higher closes you have gained the more effective your campaign proves to be. But don’t maintain this positive outlook for long. As market trends change, so will your conversion rates, so it is highly advised that you make necessary revisions at the slightest changes in market numbers.

“Shares” and “retweets.” Never underestimate the power of an online share. When B2B prospects share your posts within their circle of connections, they are also doing you a huge favor by accumulating potential leads. In this regard, try to tailor fit your blog posts and tweets in a way that instantly captures the interest of your audience.

Knowing that you are doing well in these three aspects reveals a lot about your campaign strategy. And of course, a good strategy is relative

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