How Marketing To Millennials Can Take Your Business To Next Level [GUEST POST]

How Marketing To Millennials Can Take Your Business To Next Level

These days, many business owners are realizing that effectively marketing their products or services to millennials is an excellent way to optimize the company’s profitability. However, many corporate leaders and entrepreneurs draw a blank when it’s time to begin cultivating a customized marketing campaign that will get millennials interested in their brand. If this is your dilemma, it’s important to know that social media marketing may be the advertising strategy that helps you effectively connect and convert millennials. Review the short outline provided below to learn about the strategies you can implement to optimize and expedite the social media marketing process:

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Although defined broadly, social media marketing is a process that involves advertising a brand’s products and services through social media channels such as

  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Social media marketing is an incredibly effective advertising strategy for many reasons. One of them is that this mode of marketing enables business owners to connect with members of their target audience in a much more personal, interactive manner than some traditional modes of advertising permit. For example, business owners can use a social media channel such as Instagram to share personal photos such as pictures of them with their dog. This highly personal mode of marketing can accelerate the relationship-building process and enhance the client’s trust in your brand.

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Social Media Marketing: Steps, Suggestions, And Strategies

Once you realize how effective social media marketing can be in building your brand, you may be ready to develop and implement a customized advertising plan that will help you connect and convert millennials. Below you’ll find several steps that you should take to make the most of this marketing modality:

#1 Learn as Much as Possible About Your Audience.

To really connect with and convert millennials through your social media marketing process, you must first know who they are. This is why learning as much as possible about millennials through the target market research process is imperative. This process will help you determine key things like which social media channels your unique audience uses most frequently. It will also help you determine what types of images and concepts to include in your campaign based on your understanding of your audience’s preferences. There are typically four types of information you’ll attain from the research process. They include geographic, demographic, behavioristic, and psychographic data.

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#2 Put Content Marketing First.

Once you’ve done your target market research, you’ll be ready to move to the next step of the social media marketing process: content marketing. The ongoing implementation of sound content marketing strategies is imperative because social media marketing involves regularly publishing your videos, web articles, and blog posts through social media channels. Luckily, there are several ways to ensure that the content you produce and publish is exceptional. One of them is making sure that your content is scannable. Scannability is an important part of the content marketing process because various research studies have found that 79% of test users scan the new pages they come across. A mere 16% read this content word-for-word. In light of these realities, it’s important to ensure that the content you’re sharing on various social media channels is scannable. Textual elements such as subheaders, headers, bullet points, and numbered lists can help you realize this objective.

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#3 Make The Social Media Marketing Process Interactive.

Another strategy you can implement to make your social media marketing process as effective as possible is ensuring that the entire endeavor is unequivocally interactive. This process is important because the more actively involved your audience becomes with your brand, the more likely they are to make purchases and share your product or service line with other individuals in their social networks. There are several strategies you can implement to make the social media marketing process interactive. One is the use of Twitter polls. These polls enable you to put together brand-related questions and have your audience answer them. An example would be asking them which of your coffee flavors they find to be the most delicious.

Note that the marketing power of Twitter polls is three-fold. First, it keeps your audience engaged with your brand by encouraging them to answer questions about your product line. Second, it functions as a form of word-of-mouth advertising because the results of the poll are published and available for viewing by the general Twitter audience. Third, the Twitter poll enables you to conduct meaningful research through which you’ll be able to more effectively develop and market products. For example, if the poll reveals that the majority of your target audience finds a specific product to be outdated, discontinuing that product may be a practical, prudent business decision.

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Once you realize that social media marketing can be an incredibly effective way to advertise your brand to millennials, your next course of action should be the development of a high-quality advertising campaign. To ensure that you can effectively market your product or service line to millennials, be sure to incorporate some or all of the aforementioned strategies into your company’s marketing plan.