Social Media Facts you probably missed

Social Media Lead Generation Facts and Statistics

If you think you know everything about social media, I say not all. Here are 17 facts that will make you hair stand on end, in a infographic by neotericuk.

Here are the following statistic they have collected:

1) The fastest growing group of new users on Twitter are aged between 55 and 64 years old.

2) Facebook has been crowned the favourite social media site for teens with Twitter coming in a very close second.

3) Thousands are turning to the web to widen their circle of friends and even meet the love of their life, with 74% couplessaying that the internet has impacted their relationships positively.

4) On the back of this, it would appear that women have the edge on social media management with 71% regularly using networking sites compared to only 62% of men.

5) Many women now cite social media as their go to place for all their trends and tips, defining how modern women view beauty in the 21st century.