Twitter as a Reliable Source for Sales Lead

Twitter as a Reliable Source for Sales Lead

Looking for sales leads can be like looking for a needle in a haystack; it’s a huge marketing world out there and leads are everywhere, you just have to look on the right places.  The internet is a mine of sales lead and what makes it even easier to look for leads is the advent of the social media. Marketers found a new venue to offer products, determine what the customers need and provide them not just with what they want but greater options too. It became easy to predict business trends. With social media becoming more personal, the calculation gets more accurate. One of these effective social media sources is Twitter.

Twitter has been influencing the world since its birth on 2008. With 140 characters customers can make their voices be heard, especially regarding products and services. Companies set up their brands on Twitter thereby keeping a closer watch to their audience. The reply function also gives them the opportunity to interact directly to the customer and directly get feedback as well. If you are looking for sales lead, Twitter is definitely the place to be.

In fact there was even a study that supports Twitter as the social media site that generated the most leads.“The study, which parsed over 62 million site visits, 215 million page views and 350,000 leads in 2012, found that visitors coming from Facebook made up 54% of all social media-sourced site visits, and those from Twitter just 32%. Nevertheless, Twitter accounted for 82% of all social media-originated leads, while Facebook accounted for a paltry 9% of leads. LinkedIn played a relatively minor role, accounting for 14% of site visits from social and 9% of social leads.”

However, looking at the right will be a waste if you are not looking correctly. There are tools that will help you in analyzing sales leads on Twitter. The search tool on Twitter is you main ally. However translating the search results into relevant data can be tricky. There free applications like Tweetdeck and Hoostuite that can help you keep track of tweets from possibly sales leads.  Hootsuite even comes with an analysis function. In order for you to accurately determine potential sales leads, you have to determine the right keywords. But take note that when you find a tweet related to your keyword you need to double check if it’s relevant. Hashtags also play a huge role in looking for sales leads, but remember hashtags should be specific.

Twitter is an almost infinite source of sales leads, you just have to dig deeper into the mammoth pit of information and use the effective tools. Many companies have been using this social media site as a marketing tool and most of them have easily become very successful brands.