Use Social Media to Intensify your Demand Generation Campaign

Decisive Directive- Use Social Media to Intensify your Demand Generation Campaign

If there’s anything modern man couldn’t possibly live without, aside from basic necessities, it is social media.

Likewise, modern B2B companies rely on social media marketing as a means to keep in touch with people across various channels. Aside from lead generation, online social platforms like blogs and Twitter are instrumental in improving marketing campaigns. They work to get your image and brand to the public, a task delegated to demand generation.

Social campaigns could drive an increase of B2B leads that your sales reps and appointment setters could pursue. It is thus a good idea to leverage this advantage in increasing product demand. With social tools at your disposal, you could explore countless strategies that are sure to get your company all fired up.

Then again, many businesses struggle with integrating social media marketing and demand generation. There is a possibility still that an effective synthesis could be achieved.

It’s just a matter of knowing these bits of info for a better demand and lead generation.

Use multi-social marketing. With the worldwide web comes the power to wield a plethora of online tools. And such tools have certain advantages that, if you combine them, would enhance demand traffic. A combination of blogs and social media accounts would thus extend your brand’s reach towards a good share of the market.

Improve shareability. In most cases, your B2B leads could help broadcast your brand to others. Empowering them through calls to action could help. Shareable content doesn’t only entice readers and stimulate interest. It could also realize your messages’ viral potential which is indispensable to demand generation.

Consider video. You can never go wrong with image-based campaigns. But if you favor long-term engagements with your prospects, consider posting company reviews, tutorials and news on your YouTube account. Make sure to include links to your landing pages during or at the end of your videos.

Survey your circles. Whether you are on LinkedIn or Facebook, your business’ identity is bolstered in the company of like-minded individuals. In essence, social media is all about maintaining solid social connections that can boost referral and demand traffic.

Have your message ready. Whatever you are selling, it pays to have a considerable amount of knowledge about your industry. This is where compelling content comes in. Information is best appreciated when it is clear, concise and highly searchable. SEO-optimized articles should be considered accordingly.

In addition, a good lead generation campaign is complemented an effective social online presence. Seeing that “social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate,” companies should take their demand generation up a notch starting with a firm experienced in nurturing B2B leads and managing your online marketing campaign.