Cost-efficient B2B Tips for a Better Market Targeting Process

Cost-efficient B2B Tips for a Better Market Targeting Process

Cost-efficient B2B Tips for a Better Market Targeting Process

The introduction of online platforms has been beneficial to B2B companies in recent years. Lead generation and appointment setting processes are made easier. The same goes for audience targeting.

Indeed, focus has to be directed towards one’s targeting activities on account of their importance to the sales pipeline as they determine the right people to go through the selling process. The absence of an effective targeting system on the other hand will only result in poor quality sales leads, or decision makers that have the capacity to buy but lack any interest to do so.

Audience targeting is a very complex process that has to be streamlined in order to produce better results. In most cases, businesses invest on analytics software and upgrade vital facilities in order to resolve certain complications, but these prove to be costly and present lower returns in investments when not properly handled.

Proper methods need to be explored in realizing effective targeting efforts that benefit your B2B lead generation and ensure a steady flow of revenue. Here’s a few of them.

Look to your products. Your merchandise answers most of your marketing questions. Whether you are selling IT products for health services or human resources databases, your products define the right audience that you would want to sell to.

Determine time-bound goals. With short-term and long-term goals in place, your business will be able to expend its resources only on relevant groups of decision makers. The absence of these goals entails a less focused marketing plan. This only results in ineffective B2B lead generation strategies that fill your lead management with prospects that have a lesser inclination to buy.

Optimize your searchability. In many cases, businesses suffer from poor web presence. This can be attributed to poorly developed landing pages, but this issue belongs mainly to SEO. It is important to determine keywords usually used by specific groups. Doing so will allow you to focus your marketing strategies on these demographics.

Determine problems and issues. What are the main issues faced by industry players? Are there specific solutions for these problems? What groups are the most affected? Answering these questions helps you narrow down your target audience to include only those with immediate needs and express an urgent desire to buy available solutions.

Hire an outsourcing firm. If doing the above remains to be complicated for you, then consider hiring a competent B2B firm. Independent companies that have lead generation and appointment setting capabilities can execute audience targeting efforts, ensuring quality leads and improved sales rates.

Transforming Site Visitors into B2B Leads: How to Make it Easy

Transforming Site Visitors into B2B Leads: How to Make it Easy

Transforming-Site-Visitors-into-B2B-Leads-How-to-Make-it-Easy_DONEThe natural progression of website traffic as a means of generating leads is quite simple and accepted in the B2B world. When people visit sites, some of them are converted to leads, while some are not. Business people have long attempted to control this system, but when you take a look at it, all marketers could really do is to “facilitate” the process – in short, make it easy for prospects.

This technique could not guarantee more conversions, because again, that is still something that marketers are still trying to put their finger on. But making it easy for interested prospects to be converted would definitely increase the chances of following through.

1. Shorten the course of action – From a prospect’s perspective, the longer the process is, the less likely I would complete it. Some people do not have the patience for having the need to click on a lot of buttons and filling-out a lot of fields in order to sign-up for something. For increased chances, minimize the questions, do not have more than 2 pages, and make the loading process quick as possible.
2. Provide social proof – Prospects may not know it at times, but social proof is a major factor in their decision-making. When people see other people supporting a brand, author, website or concept, it makes it easier for them to hop in the bandwagon. Aside from that, social proof items can also help boost your reputation among peers in the business world.
3. Position powerful, stand-along calls-to-action buttons – CTAs are the gateways to lead generation. You can scatter as many of these buttons butnot in one page – provide one or two for each page on your site, preferably one at the top and one at the bottom. How do you make it powerful? By clearly defining the benefits. Don’t just say “Sign up today”. Instead, say “Sign up today and get your free eBook”.
4. Propose a unique value – Before prospects make a purchasing or subscription decision, they ask themselves whether it would be worth it. They try to seek value from what they’re about to commit to. As a marketer, it is your duty to make that brainstorming phase easier for them by telling them the answer to their “why” questions. It’s a form of communication; it’s like letting them know – through a unique offer – that you do understand what they want and you’re willing to provide answers.

Sell Big In Australia Even If You Are Small - A B2B Lead Generation Perspective

Sell Big In Australia Even If You Are Small: A B2B Lead Generation Perspective

Sell Big In Australia Even If You Are Small - A B2B Lead Generation Perspective“We all have to admit, selling to large companies can be a real challenge.”

Just imagine how hard that would be if you are a small company conducting a B2B lead generation campaign. The competition can be intense, not to mention the possibility that what you have is not what big name businesses are looking for. Getting qualified sales leads out of these companies are pretty much a challenge, more like a sure failure. But that is just at the surface. If you can properly analyze what you need to do, then you will realize just what you should be doing to make it work.

Create a sense of urgency.

Yes, urgency. This is the one strongest element that compels potential B2B leads to make a purchase or sign up with your company. If you can make them feel that what you offer is available for only a limited time, and if you can covey to them the importance of making a purchase, then you can make a sale or deal happen. And no matter what business or industry you belong to in Australia, this sense of urgency will get you the sales you are looking for. Mind you, this is not something that came off the top of my head. This answer is grounded on practical observation.

I mean, look at infomercials these days. Why do you think they still earn a lot of money, even now? It is because they succeed in relaying that sense of urgency to your prospects. The same is true even if you are not selling at all. For B2B appointment setting campaigns, conveying a sense of urgency to your prospects is what compels them to act according to what you say. Your marketing campaign’s success will depend on your team’s ability to create urgency in whatever you say or do in front of your prospects.

You can do that in a B2B telemarketing campaign. Give your business prospects a call, let them know what you have to offer them, offer them something good. Lay out the benefits that they will enjoy if they make a deal with you. And make them aware that your offer will not be around for long. Not that you are trying to coerce them or something, but more along the lines of availability of supply. In case you are offering software programs, add in some services that are time-constrained, like installation or customization by your own personnel, priority delivery for those who purchase immediately, additional services, etc. You can use anything that will get their attention and create a sense of urgency to those who will be listening to you.

Now, if you think that your own marketing team is not really up to this kind of strategy, you can always ask the help of professional B2B lead generation agencies. There are a lot of them around. You just have to choose the ones that will work well with you and your team. That may require you to invest more time and effort, but the returns in terms of B2B leads generated would be worth it.

Reenergize Your Lagging Lead Generation Campaign

Reenergize Your Lagging Lead Generation Campaign

Reenergize Your Lagging Lead Generation Campaign
“B2B lead generation will always be part of your marketing campaign, and you know that this is something that you cannot afford to falter.”

In this highly-competitive market, you have to work hard or your competition will blow you away. It will make you lose sales leads. But, it is also a fact that your marketing performance will not stay consistently high. Energizing it would be one activity that you have to be concerned about. And here is how you do it:

1. Connect with your customers – marketing is not all about getting new B2B leads. It is also about reconnecting with those that you have already served. There are plenty of ways for you to get in touch with them. Contact them through social media, message boards, and even blogs. As much as possible, try getting a direct feedback from them.

2. Give out special promotions – this is very handy for seasonal campaigns, especially if you have goods or products that needed to be unloaded fast. Use these special incentives to draw customers back to you, even if it is on the short-term. It could take the form of coupons, special offers, discounts for bulk purchases, etc. Give them something really good.

3. Make sure managing sales leads goes smoothly – tracking business leads and following them up can take some time and effort, so you have to make it work. In this case, you have to ensure that your people are prepared for the job. For example, a prospect calls you about business. Your people should ask them about how they heard about you and what their concerns are.

4. Keep fresh – be it in appointment setting or in content creation, you must always be fresh in what you create. There are plenty of ways for you to do that. Ask your people, seek out their own ideas. A little brainstorming can be a big help in helping you reach your goals. Besides, it can be unhealthy at times if you do the work alone.

5. Work on retentions – sometimes, your old customers can be your source of new sales leads. Have your telemarketing team use your old business lists and ring up your old contacts. More likely than not, they will deal with you again. If not, then take this as an opportunity to clear things up with them and convert them into your customers again.

6. Give more – in today’s social climate, being in business is no longer just selling your products, it is also about contributing to the community. Try to level up on your activities on corporate responsibility. That would give you extra brownie points with your prospects.

7. Use new content – to keep people coming back to you, you need to provide them with a constant supply of fresh, upbeat, and informative content. You can cover any topic, but the best ones deal with your business and its related industry in general.

Try following these tips. You will see that these can really put more energy back into your B2B lead generation campaigns.

The Five Ways You Waste Time In B2B Appointment Setting

The Five Ways You Waste Time In B2B Appointment Setting

As a manager, it is your job to ensure that everyone is doing well in their work, reaching their sales leads quotas and letting them get even better in their B2B appointment setting operations. And while you may be employing a bunch of new strategies and methods that will help them work better, you have to admit that there are some things that will never change. Among these would be the amount of work that you have to do in one day.

Since we are talking about work, you might find yourself doing things that will not help you at all. Indeed, these might actually cause you to waste precious time. It sure makes sense if you can avoid them, right? So, what are these time-wasters that you should be avoiding?

1. Working too much on the wrong work – you know that there are limits to what you can do in a single day, so we try to work on things that matter the most. The problem here is when we focus our efforts to much on the wrong part of your telemarketing campaign. That would certainly waste a lot of precious time and manpower in our work.

2. Putting off the easy ones – I tell you, the easy tasks that you put off for tomorrow will become the hardest ones on that day. A veteran marketer would take every chance he gets to finish all necessary stuff up on the day it appeared. Letting it linger for later handling would be poor time management, and will cause you to waste time later on.

3. You micromanage your employees – all right, you might want to properly manage and observe your employees, but you will not be going anywhere near your goals if all you do is breath down their necks. You have more important things to do, and your employees will need a little slack while they are working on getting more B2B leads coming in. If you really believe that your employees need guidance all the time, then you probably chose the wrong people for the job.

4. You focus too much on the details – in marketing, you should really look at the details, but focusing too much on them would cause you to miss the big picture. When that happens, well, you might start committing mistake number one or two. Try putting some perspective in your work. That would help.

5. The wheel keeps getting reinvented – if there is anything that you might want to learn about in terms of time wasters, it is that reinventing the sales process rarely gets you the right results. Truly, if you are sensible enough for the job, you will know that some selling styles are best left as is. You just have to know what these are and work on them.

Yes, these are sure-fire sources of wasted time. If you truly want to be productive in your B2B appointment setting campaigns, please try avoiding these common, but erroneous, business and marketing practices.

Five Lead Generation Myths To Get Rid Of

Five Lead Generation Myths To Get Rid Of

Five Lead Generation Myths To Get Rid OfIn the course of our B2B lead generation campaigns, we would often encounter various practices that seem to help us do our work. While these may be rooted to tradition, cultural dictates, or just probably got feeling, these are not to be taken lightly. If these can bring us the B2B leads that we need, then by all means we should use these. But what about those marketing tactics that cause us to lose sales leads? Maybe we need a closer look to understand this. These may sound like real appointment setting advice, but these may actually be nothing more than myths. And there are a lot of these myths you should get rid of, mind you. And of those myths, the most damaging are the ones listed below.

1. “You need to be pushy to make a sale” – recall that one time when you have a really good experience while making a personal purchase. Was the seller being pushy to you? If not, there you go, that confirms that the above quote is just a myth. You see, to be effective in lead generation, it is not enough to have something to sell. You also need to know if your prospect is going to buy. If not, give them a reason to, but in a very subtle and gentle manner.

2. “I cannot directly reach my buyers” – now, this is a problem that one often encounters in a telemarketing campaign. You call, someone else answer the phone, and pretty much most of your conversation is spent on that person. Now, most amateurs would see this as an obstacle and give up, but veterans would see this as an opportunity. They could use this contact to mine more information about the target prospect, making your next call more successful.

3. “I do not want to bother the B2B leads prospect” – again, this is an erroneous assumption. You see, if you have something really good to offer, then who are they to reject your call? In fact, they might even hold it against you if you do not immediately contact them. Actually, you can integrate other marketing methods, aside from the phone. You can use social media in tandem, subtly informing your prospects about your business.

4. “I am not that quick on the reply” – if you fear that you are too slow, that you might not be able to answer quickly any inquiry of your prospective sales leads, then you will be. The mind has quite an influence on reality. But, if you think you can, if you think you can do it, if you think you can be your best, then that will also become a reality. So be confident and just do it.

5. “I cannot find the right words to ask for the sale” – honestly, you are asking for the sale, nothing can be simpler than that. No need for fancy words or the like. Just ask them if they are interested with your offer or not.

Really, you can do away with these details, for the sake of making your lead generation campaign a success.

Top Ten Tips For B2B Telemarketing

Top Ten Tips For B2B Telemarketing

Being effective in your B2B telemarketing campaigns all about being ready to address the various issues faced by both your customers and business prospects. Basically, it is all about providing quality customer service for all you call as well as those who call you. While you do need to meet your sales leads targets, you also need to make sure that the other party is happy as well. This is a very important point in ensuring that your B2B appointment setting process will go smoothly. Now, the question here is how you do your job right. Luckily, there are some tips that you can use.

1. Clarify complaints – people complain about the service or products that you offered, you should check the details. Most callers would be saying too many details that the real issue could get muddled.

2. Have confidence – this is a real boost to your performance, one that can be noticed during your call. Believe that you can do the job, and the job can be done.

3. Be positive – no matter how bad the day has gone by, thinking that things will turn out well in the end is important. A little positive outlook can mean a great deal for a person’s morale.

4. Speed up the call handling – time is precious, for both the caller and the called. It is important that you and your B2B lead generation team be made aware of that. No dilly-dallying of calls, go straight to the point, and help your prospects get things done.

5. Have a proactive system of helping prospects – some problems can be anticipated before it happens, so it pays for you and your team to prepare for it before it happens.

6. Plan your seating arrangement – this is especially important in large scale telemarketing operations with shifting work schedules. It would be useful if you can get some automated planning system that will maximise the productivity of our marketing team.

7. Know who you are calling – take note that there are different kinds of customers and potential B2B leads. Once you realise these little details, it would be easier for you to generate more sales leads for your business.

8. Make self-service options easier for users – sure, nothing beats a good marketing call, but you have to make sure that alternative sources of information is readily available in a quick and convenient manner.

9. Hire the right team – telemarketing can be a really stressful and complex job, so in the event that you have to hire people, make sure you hire those who know this business well.

10. Delegate to the right people – you cannot do everything well on your own. In case you have to do business with someone you are not skilled with in handling, leave that job to those who do.

These tips can be really simple, but they all have a strong effect on B2B lead generation campaigns that rely on them. You can follow these tips to, and you will see that this is a good investment.

Consistency - Key To Effective B2B Lead Generation

Consistency: Key To Effective B2B Lead Generation

Consistency - Key To Effective B2B Lead Generation
As a customized mobile applications provider, you need to provide quality products and services to your customers. This is the conclusion of your B2B lead generation campaign, one that may or may not bring you the profits you are looking for in the long run. Still, this is something you need to do in order to keep getting sales leads in the Asia-Pacific region. After all, this is a very competitive market. You need to stand out or be carried away by the tide. Now, how can you do that? How will you be able to get the results you want? What is the secret to reaching your appointment setting goals? The answer is rather simple: you just have to be consistent.

Yes, consistency is the key to effective marketing. You need to be consistent in everything you do, to be steady in the face of change, to be a paragon of stability for those looking to generate B2B leads. Be consistent in your B2B telemarketing work, and your customer will come naturally. All you need to do now is to mind the quality of all those mobile apps you have been selling in the market. It is not that hard, if you think about it. Now, what are the benefits of greater consistency for your business?

  • Measurability – when you are consistent, you will be able to take accurate measurements, record the necessary data for your marketing campaign. Consistency allows you for greater analysis of what you need to improve on.
  •  Accountability – when you are consistently doing one specific task, it will become expected that you will do that specific task. If you fail, then others will notice it. This greater accountability is important if you want to ensure the quality of your work. No one wants to fail in their task, right?
  •  Reputability – when you consistently deliver what you promise, you create a positive reputation about you and your market. This is a very important point. Without a good reputation, you will not be able to sell. Building one from scratch can be time-consuming and costly, so you should better do your job right the first time.
  •  Relevancy – you know just how important your business should be to your customers. If you sell a lot of goods that they like, then they are more likely to go back to you for more .Keep that up, and they will become your customers for life. That can happen to you, as long as you have the consistency to deliver.
  •  Applicability – your message will only be accepted if you keep on giving your B2B leads prospects any marketing material that is relevant to them. And if the topic is timely enough, interesting, as well as informative, plus you keep delivering it consistently, then there is a higher likelihood of them becoming your customers in the long run.

As you can see, consistency is the name of the lead generation game. Either you do that, or prepare to say goodbye to your sales leads prospects.

Simplicity Is Beauty For Lead Generation

Simplicity Is Beauty For Lead Generation

Simplicity Is Beauty For Lead Generation

It is said that a true test for a chef is to make a simple dish taste exquisite. That is also the same principle in marketing as well. How can you simplify the lead generation process without sacrificing quality and productivity, indeed, actually end up improving, of generating sales leads? Turning a complicated concept into a simple, impactful, and meaningful message is nothing less than a complex exercise. How you do that would be the true test of your ability as a marketing and appointment setting specialist.

So, how do you make that happen?

First of all, you need all the data that you can get. Be it figures, graphs, reports, etc. all of these can serve as information source. Once you have everything you need, now is the time for you to take them apart, piece by piece, looking for that common detail that they all share, that one detail that pretty much summarizes what your company’s product, purpose, and market is all about. Sure, this can be real work, and you might not be able to manage it, so you might want to leave the analysis to a business database agency.

Next is the crafting of the message. Remember, your message must tell a story, one that appeals to the emotions. Emotions are what influence a customer to buy from you or not. Next is the communication medium to use. It must be one that can have the maximum impact on your audience at the shortest time. Direct marketing tools like email and telemarketing might be good places to start. No matter what you use, if it can help bring you a lot of B2B leads, then stick to it.

Lastly, always be human. Marketing lead generation is a social activity. You are dealing with real people with their own idiosyncrasies and preferences. You have to adjust your marketing efforts to meet the unique needs of your audience.

First Call Resolution In A Telemarketing Campaign

First Call Resolution In A Telemarketing Campaign

First-call resolution (FCR) is the immortal mantra of inbound marketing campaigns. If you cannot satisfy a customer’s questions on the first call, then your marketing campaign is not doing enough. While this is clearly applicable in the inbound marketing business, will it also apply to outbound lead generation processes? The answer is actually a ‘yes’. You can employ FCR strategies when looking for qualified sales leads.

The premise is actually simple: we want to resolve everything in just one call. This will save everyone the time, money, and effort involved in entertaining each call. The less repeat calls you make on a single person, the more people that can be contacted in a single day. In terms of marketing and appointment setting, qualifying leads with a single call can mean a big thing. But for this set-up to work in a lead generation campaign, you need to have initiative.

It is not bad to follow your sales script, especially if it comes from your client. In fact, you should follow it to the letter. But if you want to do better, then you have to take some initiatives and decide on your own if you should add more qualifying questions during the call. This will require some experience for you to do it right (not to mention a few experimentation), but in the end, this might be just what you need to generate more B2B leads. Such a judgment call may not be that bad to make, you just have to try


Generate More B2B Leads, The Game Of Thrones-style


HBO’s epic TV series The Game of Thrones is one mean package. Now in its third season, the series chronicles the fight between seven noble families to gain control of the land of Westeros. Considering the huge number of viewers, HBO sure has a real money-maker in their hands. But what made the show so successful? What can we, as marketers, learn from it? Can we apply it in our own lead generation campaigns? We could glean important lessons on how to best generate B2B leads, like the ones I have pointed out below;


  1. Start with a clear goal – the show’s producers had one aim in mind: grow the franchise by appealing to the current fans, and then expand it to other viewers through increased interaction. Sounds a bit straightforward, right? But it sure did succeed, considering the number of viewers.
  2. Proceed with the right strategy – The Game of Thrones did it with social media, and it worked well with them. In your case, you have to choose the tool that will maximize impact on the audience. If telemarketing gets you the business, then stick with it.
  3. Partner with different platforms – once you have your aim and selected a strategy, you need to work on the platforms in which you wish to talk to customers. For example, in the case of telemarketing, will it be outbound or inbound; surveys or promotions, and the like?
  4. Promote with right timing – the earlier you spread the word, the greater the attention it garners from the audience. If you have to conduct an appointment setting campaign, do it now, and you will increase your chances of bagging potential sales leads.
  5. Adapt with the insights you gain – from the fan art and inputs, HBO was able to formulate effective marketing tactics, further increasing the fan base. You can do that as well, by studying how the market reacts to your marketing strategies.


Interesting lessons, right? What other lead generation lessons from The Game of Thrones can you add?

Fix Your B2B Leads Sales Pitch Like Dinner


Generating sales leads through the phone can be a real challenge, one that always pushes the limits of telemarketing services. That means a need for a better sales pitch. Now, before you start saying that sales pitches are no longer part of modern marketing and networking campaigns, you need to remember that this is the one part of the process where you introduce your business to sales leads prospects. Failure to properly execute your pitch will cause you to lose prospects, as well as fail to attract those at the periphery of your market. Now, to ensure proper delivery, you need to proceed with these steps, akin to a dinner:

  1. The aperitif – at this point, the appointment setting prospect has absolutely no idea about your business. Do not bombard them with details yet. Rather, use this time to tell them what you do, like ‘we make the future safer’, ‘the answer to the world’s problems’, and the like.
  2. The appetizer – after hearing your initial description, your lead generation prospects would most certainly be curious at what you exactly do.  This is the right opportunity for you to dive into the details of your business, telling them what you exactly do and the number of clients and customers that you have helped.
  3. The main course – this is the part where your selling skills will be needed, since you will be convincing your prospects that your business will work for them as well.

If you have properly introduced your business in the first two steps, then you will not have any lead generation problems when doing the last stage. The dessert would be the B2B leads you generate successfully.