B2B Telemarketing: How to make your Cold Calls Cause Conversions

B2B Telemarketing- How to make your Cold Calls Cause Conversions

Fancy alliterations aside, any business wouldn’t just deny the many benefits of an efficient and persistent B2B telemarketing campaign.  For all its worth, it is deemed as the lifeblood among B2B companies that are eager to grow their industry following and revenue generation.

The thing is that capital growth is partly attributed to a consistent marketing plan. This is a shared truth among marketers in lead generation and appointment setting as it really does matter to have a stable marketing structure in place.

But, no doubt, the practice of lead generation telemarketing considers additional apparatuses. Aside from an efficient lead management database, it is imperative for B2B enterprises to have competent individuals handling their cold call campaigns.

Apparently, many businesses have failed to optimize their appointment setting processes. This is demonstrated by poor sales closes. One compelling reason for this is attributed to poor telemarketing conduct.

Cold calling is a risky venture. The lack of initial engagement with a prospect comprises the danger of getting a rejection. Because of this, marketers should have to approach their cold calls expertly.

But expertise is something too general a word. Indeed, concrete ways should be considered for your lead generation telemarketing to drive you towards your goals.


It only takes one word to get your audience’s attention. Say a few more, and you might just drive home an appointment. Courtesy is an important facet that your telemarketing personnel should possess. Customer engagement after all is professional and personal, and it makes a very significant difference to choose your words carefully.


Always assume that your cold call contacts lack a thorough understanding of your company and your products. What they possess, however, is a thorough understanding of their own industry. Cold calling is all about interpersonal sharing, where one benefits from the other. The prospect is facing issues, and your role as a solutions-provider is to help them resolve these issues. For the satisfaction of both parties, business discourse has to revolve around industry-related facts. Your prospect clearly wants concrete results, so make sure that your messages are comprehensive in content and short in length. And speaking of short, a time element has to be considered.


B2B leads are a tricky bunch. Some of them rely on gatekeepers like voice messaging services in order to segregate relevant messages from the irrelevant. Indeed, these often take the ire of most marketers. But you might as well leave a compelling message that would merit an eagerness to engage.

Lead generation telemarketing is really worrisome. Small companies often struggle with the fact that they lack the necessities to be efficient at it. However, one can always go for an independent outsourcing company that has lead generation and appointment setting capabilities to fill up business vacuums and ease out intricate elements.

The “Customer Service Element” in B2B Telemarketing

The “Customer Service Element” in B2B Telemarketing

Just because clients in the Business-to-Business (B2B) sector are business professionals doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated as ‘customers’. In fact, they sometimes need more attention and nurturing than regular consumers.

Lead generation in B2C is quite simple: you present a product or service, make sure it caters to the needs of your target market, add a little advertising magic, and you’re done. But with B2B, you may still need to meet the requirements of your business prospects. This involves the process of proposing a product or a model that serves to address their operational, financial and logistical concerns.

Wear your customer service “badge”

Some experts recommend using a “business language” when talking to B2B prospects. While this definitely wouldn’t hurt a conversation, it’s also important to remember that these people may end up being future business partners. As it is a mandate to get to know them better, it might as well be wise to start that relationship as early as the initial touch.

Of course, there are fundamental customer service rules, which need not be elaborated:

  • Introduce yourself first and brand your call
  • Address the other party appropriately
  • Listen attentively and never interrupt
  • Say your “please”s and “thank you”s

These are pretty basic and may seem like they shouldn’t have anything to do with a call’s success, but these little things can serve as an emotional investment to foster a budding business relationship. Then there are also these other things that could be handy:

  • Mention the prospect’s name often, but not too much – Some people would think this is a nuisance during a conversation, but when prospects hear their name, it shows that you are genuinely interested in them. It makes the conversation less transactional and more casual.
  • Be confident when talking – This should already be a given, but this is a trait that often goes out the window during an actual call. Confidence is a crucial factor even in the B2C customer service industry. When someone sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, the odds of a business partnership becomes unlikely.
  •  Recap and close with warmth – As with any customer service platform, telemarketers should make sure that the prospects have fully captured what has transpired in a call. Just a simple recap of the key takeaways, quick reminders of future tasks, and a memorable (but not too salesy) closing spiel can leave a mark on the prospect, which you may be able to capitalize on when the opportunity arises.

Sell Big In Australia Even If You Are Small: A B2B Lead Generation Perspective

Sell Big In Australia Even If You Are Small - A B2B Lead Generation Perspective“We all have to admit, selling to large companies can be a real challenge.”

Just imagine how hard that would be if you are a small company conducting a B2B lead generation campaign. The competition can be intense, not to mention the possibility that what you have is not what big name businesses are looking for. Getting qualified sales leads out of these companies are pretty much a challenge, more like a sure failure. But that is just at the surface. If you can properly analyze what you need to do, then you will realize just what you should be doing to make it work.

Create a sense of urgency.

Yes, urgency. This is the one strongest element that compels potential B2B leads to make a purchase or sign up with your company. If you can make them feel that what you offer is available for only a limited time, and if you can covey to them the importance of making a purchase, then you can make a sale or deal happen. And no matter what business or industry you belong to in Australia, this sense of urgency will get you the sales you are looking for. Mind you, this is not something that came off the top of my head. This answer is grounded on practical observation.

I mean, look at infomercials these days. Why do you think they still earn a lot of money, even now? It is because they succeed in relaying that sense of urgency to your prospects. The same is true even if you are not selling at all. For B2B appointment setting campaigns, conveying a sense of urgency to your prospects is what compels them to act according to what you say. Your marketing campaign’s success will depend on your team’s ability to create urgency in whatever you say or do in front of your prospects.

You can do that in a B2B telemarketing campaign. Give your business prospects a call, let them know what you have to offer them, offer them something good. Lay out the benefits that they will enjoy if they make a deal with you. And make them aware that your offer will not be around for long. Not that you are trying to coerce them or something, but more along the lines of availability of supply. In case you are offering software programs, add in some services that are time-constrained, like installation or customization by your own personnel, priority delivery for those who purchase immediately, additional services, etc. You can use anything that will get their attention and create a sense of urgency to those who will be listening to you.

Now, if you think that your own marketing team is not really up to this kind of strategy, you can always ask the help of professional B2B lead generation agencies. There are a lot of them around. You just have to choose the ones that will work well with you and your team. That may require you to invest more time and effort, but the returns in terms of B2B leads generated would be worth it.

Secrets In Better Telemarketing Team Retentions

Here is the deal with B2B telemarketing: you simple lose too many employees in the course of many campaigns. Turn-over rates and work dissatisfaction can be high, which explains why only a handful of people would actually stay and keep looking for sales leads. This is a real headache for many managers, since getting employees to stay is also an important job. So, how does one ensure that employee retention is good? There are several ways to do just that. And really, if you think about it, this is no secret at all. It is just that only a handful of people actually know that this would work.

So where will you start?

Let us deal with skills improvements first. Despite what you see, money is not the real motivator for your B2B appointment setting team. It is with regards to improving and expanding their repertoire of business skills. This is something that no money can take place. And this is precisely what will compel your employees to stay with you. With the world of business in a constant state of change, you have to prepare your people for the challenges that they will face.

Another thing that you have to remember is that you have to keep open channels of communication with your employees. You may have given them specific instructions on what to do, but a lot of things can change in short notice. In order for you and your team to adapt quickly, you need to maintain open channels of communication with them.

Third, try to ensure that everyone can advance in the company. In one way or another, tell your B2B lead generation team that they can go higher with you. It may not have to be outright promotions, but you can always employ other tools, like bigger salaries, more responsibilities, and the like. These are very powerful tools for promotion that you should not take lightly. It can even be better than the usual perks or vacation offers for the best employees.

Next, maybe you should take a closer look at your own management style. It may not have to be that dashing or something, but it should be a style that plays on the strengths of your business and yourself. You need to know how to best lead your people, and not just pulling them around and telling them what to do in generating sales leads. That would have been really unproductive.

Lastly, you should help your employees reach a work-life balance. You know that it will be difficult for your employees to leave their problems at home and concentrate on their B2B lead generation task. Help them adjust to work as well as the needs of their homes. Your employees will appreciate that and will make them less likely to leave you.

Of course, if lead generation skills are what you or your marketing team lacks, then maybe leaving the job to outsourced marketing agencies would be a good business strategy for you to take.


How To Get More B2B Leads From AU Calling Lists

How To_Get_More_B2B_Leads_From_AU_Calling_ListsAny business to business company will benefit greatly from having a lot of b2b sales leads. The question is, how exactly does one increase the number of prospects?

A good answer to that is b2b telemarketing. When your sales people are supported by a professional outbound telemarketing team, their work performance is greatly improved because they can spend more time with the AU sales leads that actually matter: the ones than have a high possibility of conversion. But not just any telemarketing team would do. The team you hire must not only be familiar with your Australian market and have professional work ethics, they must also have the proper tools to further increase a telemarketing campaign’s chance of success. For a good telemarketer, no other tool is as important as an up to date, well-targeted calling list. With the help of this list, b2b telelmarketers are able to contact different business numbers every time, removing redundant dials and reducing declined calls.

Keeping your telemarketing calling list up to date is as easy as hiring a BPO company to perform database management and  data verification, ensuring you that all phone numbers, addresses, and contact persons are regularly updated. With the help of a professional team of business to business telemarketers and a reliable calling list, you can be sure to notice a significant increase in your sales closing rate. When choosing your telemarketing team, look for a reliable b2b lead generation company that uses cold calling, and you can be sure of professional telemarketers and up to date calling lists.

B2B Telemarketing: An Export Company’s Effective Mode of Contacting Australian Firms

B2B Telemarketing has already brought successful futures for different companies residing in a variety of business sectors. One such industry that can benefit highly from outsourced telemarketing services are those companies that deal with exporting products in the land of Australia. Telemarketing in Australia needs to be done with great precision and care.

Australia has a very populated Do-Not-Call Registry therefore telemarketing in this country might become the most difficult thing that they can come across. Export companies need to be careful in contacting their prospects in Australia lest they want to face a possible lawsuit in the future. This the primary reason why most export companies will opt for call centre services for their telemarketing campaign.

In truth, Australia has been seen as one of the world’s largest importers of today. Hence, there is absolutely no reason why export companies would not want to target those other organizations located in the land down under. With the help of these telemarketing firms, they can contact such organizations with the aid of the direct form of communication that is established. Therefore, they no longer have to deal with expensive airfares in each and every time they want to search for new opportunities in this country.

B2B Telemarketing

by: Mahavir

The major advantage of third party b2b telemarketing companies is their ability to use dozens of telemarketers to get your message out quickly. Unless you have a fully-staffed internal b2b telemarketing division, outside firms will make thousands of calls in a relatively short time frame compared to what you can do in-house. However, b2b telemarketing services firms tend to be expensive and lack selling skills; they are limited in engaging in dialog about technical products or services and are better suited for information gathering, appointment setting and “yes or no” types of campaigns. And unless you supply the telemarketing list, telemarketing firms have a history of using poor quality b2b telemarketing lists.
There are advantages to using an in-house person for your business-to-business telemarketing efforts. People staffed by your organization can be trained in sophisticated selling techniques, so that they will be familiar with the technical aspects of your product and can engage in more extensive dialog with potential clients and pass on telemarketing leads to your sales staff instantly. Also, when the telemarketing efforts are done internally, you control telemarketing list buys, and can be more diligent on which lists to use.
But, as we mentioned earlier, small businesses rarely have enough people on staff who can provide telemarketing services on an ongoing basis. A cost-effective alternative may be to hire college students, retirees or part-timers and train them on a specific telemarketing project. And here’s a training tip for you… if your telemarketers are going to be reading from a script, have them practice sounding like they are improvising. Knowing that the person on the other end of the phone is reading is a sure turn-off and can hurt your response rate.
In short, both internal and external b2b telemarketing services has its benefits. Regardless of which direction you decide to go in, make sure you have the right telemarketing lists. It’ll make all the difference in the world.
Next, the b2b telemarketing company quickly recruits some people to do the actual cold-calling whose qualifications include something like showing up for the interview and smiling a lot. Or they ask a temp agency nearby to send over some people who have been through a similarly rigorous screening process. Next, they dust off an ex-client’s script, change a few words, give it to the newly hired business-to-business telemarketing reps and say, “Start calling.”
Hire a top-notch B2B telemarketing company. Look for a company with a proven track record of calling into the same industries and the same titles as you will want them to be calling on your behalf. Thoroughly check references and insist that the b2b telemarketing services appointment setting company assign experienced callers to your project. Then both you and the firm must invest time and effort in creating call guidelines (rather than a verbatim script) and training callers on the unique aspects of your business and your prospects. Finally, give the callers a well-targeted list of prospects to call, and have them start dialing.