Top Marketing Tactics that B2B Cleaning Companies can get from B2C

Top Marketing Tactics that B2B Cleaning Companies can get from B2C

Top Marketing Tactics that B2B Cleaning Companies can get from B2C

For many B2B cleaning companies, getting the attention of target clients and converting them into qualified commercial cleaning leads is tantamount to cleansing a corporate restroom of grime.

They may as well try these solutions that worked best for many B2C enterprises, as outlined by New Destiny Media’s John Pate:

1) Overeducate

Many of the potential leads coming to your website aren’t ready to buy. They’re just aware they have a problem. You’ve encountered that kind of prospect, right? They may be aware their current company is not doing a top notch job, or they’ve been trying to clean using their own employees.

Draw upon your knowledge and write educational pieces that will intersect your potential customers at their pain points. That way, you build trust and perceived capability.

2) Identify Your Audience

As you publish all that great educational content on your website, make sure you keep your target audience in mind. Who is your audience? You may have to search to find out.

Go online and start entering search terms just like one your potential customers would. See what pops up. You’re looking for forums and user groups. Check out some of the questions they’re asking. To your horror, you’ll find out not every “expert” knows what they’re talking about. Fodder for your blog! This really is the key to publishing online: Find that narrow little niche everyone else has missed and share some helpful information about it.

3) Simplify your Buying Process

Successful B2C companies have this down really well. Go online to your favorite retailer, find a product, click “add to cart,” checkout, done. Many online B2Cs even save your credit card information making it ever so simple to buy.

If you’re quoting to large corporate entities, they’ll love a clean and smooth look to your sales process. Just because you’ve always done it one way doesn’t mean you can’t change.

4) Give Something Away

Have you ever bought a bottle of wine after tasting some of it? Personally, I love “supermarket grazing.” I think the local Sam’s Club has this hands-down. Sure, some people get annoyed, but if Sam’s wasn’t successful at the practice, do you think they’d be giving product away and paying people to give it away?

Here’s a cleaning supplies vendor who’s giving away some product – Procyon. If they can, you can. By giving something away you:

  •         Look like a hero.
  •         Build trust.
  •         Educate your customer about new products.
  •         Sell your service along with using the product. Make your vendor happy too.

5) Relate at a Human Level

Today, business people are looking for solutions more than the services you’re providing. So you need to be able to interact with your prospects at the level of their goals and needs throughout the entire sales process – the first seven seconds of your first touch being the most critical (source: Forbes).

Commercial cleaning organizations can also employ top notch lead generation services to help them get their message out and pull potential clients in.

5 Ways to Hit the Right Notes and Numbers in Generating Commercial Cleaning Leads in Australia

5 Ways to Hit the Right Notes and Numbers in Generating Commercial Cleaning Leads in Australia

5 Ways to Hit the Right Notes and Numbers in Generating Commercial Cleaning Leads in Australia

Commercial cleaning services are broad in scope. And considering that certain institutions and organizations in Australia seek specific cleaning services, it is vital to create messaging that attracts the intended audience.

For example, healthcare institutions require contractors specializing in the maintenance of outpatient and treatment facilities. Relying on any other cleaning service that does not have the proper experience would lead to negative consequences such as extra spending and poor quality later on.

In this respect, commercial cleaning companies need to construct their campaigns based on their niches. Sounds easy enough, but considering that there are roughly 27,000 commercial cleaning businesses in the Australian market (as per statistics by IBIS World) targeting specific leads would be more of a hurdle.

Effective messaging is not only advantageous in terms of generating leads, but it is the only way through which a commercial cleaning service can drive leads and enhance revenue. Here are a few things to consider for enhancing marketing effectiveness.

Meticulously plan your goals. What do you want to achieve for your business in the short- and long-term? Setting up a goal is essential to the survival of just about any venture, but some businesses usually fall into the trap of high expectations. Goal-setting, in reality, involves meticulous planning which takes into account factors like potential weaknesses, risks and limitations. Any marketing campaign recognizing these factors are bound to produce better results.

Research your audience. What are the demands of your chosen niche? Conducting market research can easily establish a general picture of what potential clients want in a cleaning service, allowing you to adapt to high-opportunity areas and construct potent messages.

Learn about the types of channels to use. Businesses can make use of a variety of audience communication channels. It is important due to the fact that certain industries generally favor a specific channel for receiving marketing messages.

Discuss the value of the service. This is usually the fun part. After you have done your research and determined the channels you want to use, you can construct content specifically for your preferred audience.  You can, for instance, conduct telemarketing calls aimed at institutions in the hospitality industry seeking restroom sanitation packages. In this case, using a call script that outlines the value of such service is essential for stimulating a decision-maker interest.

Have your hands full with all these tasks? Employ a lead generation company with the necessary experience in adding quality commercial leads and winning contracts.


Considering Lead Generation for Cleaning Services?

Leads in the commercial cleaning sector are not discovered simply by a reference or a cold-call. Cleaning service leads are nurtured from simple possible interest in services right until the final purchase decision. In traditional janitorial leads generation, the target could be anyone from a low level employee to a CEO, and you can span the entire range of B2B. In targeting carpet cleaning leads, for example, the target market is almost exclusively B2B, and the target individuals are usually decision makers high up the corporate ladder. Identifying the target isn’t always difficult, but reaching them can be.

In the search for commercial cleaning leads, it is important to identify and reach the key influencers, evaluators, and recommenders, or you stand no chance of moving towards a sale. To get quality janitorial leads, you will need to understand the systems and processes of your potential clients. In order to accomplish this, you will need not only a broad understanding of cleaning services technologies, but also a broad understanding of the underlying business issues and goals of your potential client.

Sales lead generation for cleaning service leads is an effective method of driving revenue, increasing sales, and growing your company. However, the sales lead generation strategy is only as effective as the analysis, design, and implementation stages that are undertaken to put the strategy into action and to get a good amount of commercial cleaning leads. If you carefully manage the process on an ongoing basis, and ensure you have effective sales pipeline management, then you should see a significant increase in cleaning service leads being nurtured and more closed sales.


Getting High Quality Janitorial Leads

One of the many challenges facing a cleaning services business is obtaining the best cleaning service leads. Whether you choose to purchase the best cleaning leads or develop them yourself, you need to pay close attention to the quality of those leads.

If you are purchasing your janitorial leads from a lead development company, you want fresh leads, as you will not want to contact someone that has been through the marketing process time and time again. Therefore, the best leads are your own exclusive leads.

The benefit of obtaining your own commercial cleaning leads is that you are contacting them in real time, meaning within 24 to 48 hours after they express interest. The companies offering these leads will usually tell you that they offer real time leads so you can get in contact with them while their interest is fresh. If you are looking to purchase the best carpet cleaning leads, for example, you will want to make sure you get the best for your money. When you are first trying to develop your downline, the more leads you have the better. So the companies offering to deliver a greater number of highly qualified leads for the lowest price will usually work to your benefit.

You will want to make sure your commercial cleaning leads come with basic information like a phone number and e-mail address as well as more descriptive information like how much they are willing to invest and the best time to contact the lead. Your lead generation company should leads give you complete contact information of your prospect so that you have several options in contacting your potential client.

A lot of your particular response rate will depend on your own sales pitch and your ability to know how to approach each of your janitorial leads, which will improve with time and practice.

In order to get cleaning service leads of good quality, you can use a combination of e-mail marketing letters, phone scripts, a website, flash presentations, and more. These marketing tools and strategies will surely help you effectively reach and contact your leads and nurture them for closing.