How Get More Clients for your Consulting Business in Australia

How To Get More Clients For Your Consulting or Financial Business in Australia

How Get More Clients for your Consulting Business in Australia

The social media is driving the netizens crazy. When issues come up like birth and death of celebrities, arguments among presidentiables, terrorism attack in airports or even just those daily controversies among ordinary people, make everyone else flock to the internet and actively join the thread of discussions. These social platforms seem to possess a sublime force that draws the netizens to get interested, react, and participate.

“Like the social media, your consulting business can cause a craze among your target customers.  


But don’t get too excited yet…

ACMA’s DNC listing provides protection to people and businesses in Australia from getting bombarded with telemarketing calls and unsolicited emails. When businesses and individuals enlist their phone numbers with ACMA, marketing services providers may not be able to freely connect with them whether through phone or email, otherwise these telemarketing providers will be breaching the DNC law and get blacklisted by the Australian government.

So, what’s the best next thing to do?

Run a lead generation campaign that will drive customers crazy over you consulting business. Here’s the flow:


Customer Profiling

How To Get More Clients For Your Consulting or Financial Business in Australia

Classify your best target customers into groups and customize the best business approach for them. Data washing and contact detail verification are proven effective techniques of customer profiling that are instrumental in achieving campaign goals and in keeping your marketing campaign on target.

Update your business data to get better and qualified leads in Australia!


Email Copies

How To Get More Clients For Your Consulting or Financial Business in Australia

If your lead generation provider uses a marketing automation tool then you’re in for the best. Create custom email copies based on the different possible statuses of the contacts in your target list. The marketing automation tool will take charge of sending custom copies to prospects, however the initial copy would be the most crucial.

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Initial “opt-in” Copy

How To Get More Clients For Your Consulting or Financial Business in Australia

As mentioned earlier, ACMA is on guard so get rid of becoming their blacklist member. Obtain an “opt–in” email from your prospects. Once they say yes or have opted-in, you’ll be assured that any email or information you send to them won’t become a captive of the spam folder.

Also, get to hit two birds at same time – include a note in the initial/opt-in email that you (consultant) will be touching base with them to discuss about your consulting techniques.


Follow-up Call

Data Cleansing and Verification Services

Filter the target list based on prospects who opted-in and call them – grab the opportune time to discuss the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) of your consulting or financial business with your soon-to-be clients.

Here’s a sample script when you start following up those prospects you have on your mailing list:

With the Operator:

Telemarketer: Hi! This is (Telemarketer) and I’m calling from (your company). Can I speak to (Contact Name) please?

It’s about your business operation and expansion. Thank you! (Purpose of the Call)

With the Target Contact:

Telemarketer: Hello, my name is (name) and I’m calling from (your company). Am I speaking to (Contact Name) the (Job Title)?

Tip: Build rapport. When prospects ask, “How are you?’ Respond with, “I’m good, thank you for asking. “How about you”?

Telemarketer: Well as I was saying I’m calling from (your company), an Australian owned financial services company. We offer (products/ services/ promos). These require no security and the interest rate is very competitive. May I send you more information about this?

If yes, proceed to gather email address. (Use Phonetics if needed)

Telemarketer: Great we’ll send you the information soon. One of our consultants will call you later this week to assist you further. Is this the best to contact you with? (Verify contact details: Contact Person’s name, Job Title, Company Address, Contact Number, Direct Line, Mobile Number)

After the discussion, send another email copy that will serve as a reference for them while on the process of evaluating.

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The email copy would appeal best if you include brochures with customer testimonials in it to add more credibility on your business and gain the prospect’s’ trust.

Consulting and financial businesses in Australia may require a longer process and much tactical effort in acquiring customers, but with a proven effective marketing strategy, It will surely drive interested customers crazy.



Drive your customers crazy!

Get Qualified Consulting Leads or Financial Leads in Australia!

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B2B Lead Nurturing- Never Let Go of your Financial Leads

B2B Lead Nurturing: Never Let Go of your Financial Leads Anymore

B2B Lead Nurturing- Never Let Go of your Financial Leads

It should not come across as a surprise when a financial lead suddenly expressed disinterests. But commonplace as they are, rejections are a bane to productivity and profitability. In many cases, they happen because firms fail to realize a strong lead nurturing system.

Without using the proper techniques, it will be easier for a prospect to fully elude your grasp – otherwise, you can take these important steps that can also work for financial services providers, courtesy of CallProof CEO Robert Hartline:

Monitor Leads through LinkedIn

Many major deals happen when prospects change jobs. Be sure to connect with your prospect on LinkedIn after your first face-to-face meeting, phone call or email exchange. LinkedIn is an ideal way to monitor your prospect’s job changes and alert you to opportunities.

For example, you’re connected to Billy, your contact at XYZ Company, on LinkedIn. Billy didn’t buy from you, but you know that XYZ Company is a good prospect. You follow Billy on LinkedIn, and three months later, you notice that Billy has a new job at another company.

If Billy was a gatekeeper that kept you from selling to XYZ Company, you now have another opportunity to make a new contact at XYZ. If Billy was a friend, you can reconnect with him and see if he is able to make purchase decisions in his new position.

Know the Prospect’s Purchasing Window

The right time to nurture a lead depends on their buying timeframe. For example, if a lead is buying school supplies for a high school, you’ll need to know their window for budgeting and purchasing those supplies before the school year starts. This will help you to nurture them before they make a decision.

Track Your Seasonal Lead Volume

Every industry has times during the year when their products or services are hot. If you nurture your leads before these times, they will be more likely remember you when they are ready to buy.

A good rule of thumb is to look at your own company’s lead volume for cues. For CallProof, it’s at the beginning of the year, when companies are revamping their sales strategies. Or if I’m in the landscaping business, and my call volume is heavy in March and April, I know February is a good time for lead nurturing. Then I can use direct mail to contact my leads, or I can redirect their email addresses and phone numbers into a social media campaign on Facebook.

Timing is everything in B2B lead nurturing. As the saying goes, “It’s hard to sell someone dinner when they’re full.”  Show your leads the steak when they’re hungry. No matter what business you’re in, timing is the key to nurturing leads and turning them into sales.

The Three Things That Will Make Your Business Fail In Australia

Australia is a country with an excellent growth engine. Despite problems it has faced in the recent years, or the current slump of its mining industry, it is still a good place for a financial services company to do business in. There will always be companies in need of financial services, which qualify them as financial leads. What is important here is that you get a lead generation service specializing in financial services. But there is also the fact that, even if you have a good appointment setting campaign, you will still fail to bag B2B leads. And there are three reasons why:

First, there is lack of action. Entrepreneurs that fail often had the assumption that there is no change in their business, so they fail to act. The truth is: change is a constant. You have to constantly adapt to the shifting trends in the market or in your company if you want to keep going.

Second, you do not have milestones. Not knowing, or even creating, goals along the way to check your progress will not only get you lost, you will also lose your interest. In the long run, this can seriously affect your lead generation campaign. Just imagine how it can affect, say, telemarketing (if this is your medium).

Lastly, you do not have a proper follow up. Implementing an appointment setting campaign and just hoping that it will succeed in the end is also a no-no. You need to reevaluate your campaign to know where you are and if modifications are needed.

Do all these things, and your financial business in Australia will fail.