Bad Lead Generation Move In Australia – You Tell A Lie


Bad Lead Generation Move In Australia – You Tell A LieWe all have heard of the various things we need to do in order to generate good sales leads in Australia, but it is rare for us to hear about what not to do in our lead generation campaign. And one of the things we should never do is to lie. Yes, while this might sound like an obvious advice, too often, we end up lying our way to reach our business prospects. We lie to get past the gatekeepers, we lie to impress our prospects, and we lie to get that deal sealed. While that can get us the desired results for now, the drawback later on would be huge. So huge, in fact, that it can ruin our business reputation in the long run.

Pressure and sales goals notwithstanding, lying should never be part of your appointment setting plans. People are wiser now, and they can easily sniff out liars from miles away. Besides, even if you did get that deal through lying, how will you handle the fall out when you fail to deliver?  This can ruin your telesales process, as well as give you a bad name in the market for years to come. To avoid that mess with B2B leads, it is a much better tact to simply come out clean. Tell your business prospects what you can and cannot do, show them that you genuinely care for their growth, and that you are someone whom they can rely on during difficult times.

In the first place, why lie when there is nothing to hide? That should be an important consideration in your lead generation campaign in Australia.