Understanding Lead Generation Channels and their Advantages

Understanding Lead Generation Channels and their Advantages

The real strengths of B2B marketing are derived from social media. Lead generation and management are not possible if one doesn’t consider furnishing an online platform. It does entail expenses on the side, but veteran marketers will tell you that the benefits would eventually outweigh the costs – that is if you know how to effectively create a social marketing plan from scratch.

It’s a difficult process creating a lead generation strategy. It’s even more so when you want to optimize your online channels for B2B lead nurturing. A great deal of resources and efforts are involved. You would need to specify your target market, calculate your expenses and bring together a team to realize your plans.

On top of these dilemmas, you would also have to contend with contacting your audience indirectly. Also, you would need to face certain levels of uncertainty with regards to the results. Further, you also have to choose which social media channel would be right for your campaign.

That last part though has the most significance in lead generation. Finding the right platform would mean making the most out of your lead management.

In this case, it is imperative to find out more about each channel and the ways they can help you with generating high profile B2B leads.


This site is by far the best source for high profile B2B leads. Especially when you are looking for C-suite prospects, LinkedIn allows a narrower means to find the right targets for your sales pipeline with its advanced search tool. This provides for better lead management and profiling.


Not really a thing for most B2B professionals as it is more advantageous in B2C engagements. But with the incessant growth of its population of active online users, Facebook continues to be an effective branding tool that could increase awareness and stirs up referrals. It is only a matter of optimizing content for your profile in a bid to drive traffic towards your company’s web page.


Everyone tweets. But let’s face it: you could only do so much in just 140 characters or less. Maybe a tagline here or a link to your landing page there. But it is important to note that posting compelling tweets about company the latest that your company has in store benefits your lead nurturing efforts.

From a certain view, it might seem that these three platforms are independent of each other. In reality, they work harmoniously together when paired with traditional lead nurturing methods such as telemarketing and email.

Need To Build Online Presence Fast? You Need These 5 Tools Now

B2B lead generation is not a passive task where you just produce content and wait for leads to come marching in. Rather, it entails elaborate, sometimes meticulous, processes to sustain online presence. Your target market needs a constant consumption of anything related to your brand in order for them to keep that awareness burning in their memory.

Now, these responsibilities may be too much for a person to handle, especially when the need for monitoring and analysis is building up. In such cases, one needs powerful and efficient tools to help manage the flow of online activities.

For starters, consider these 5 tools proposed by Clément Delangue, chief marketing officer of online social business monitoring app Mention:

1. Buffer to post content. Content sharing is one of the easiest ways to grow and nurture your community. Yet, with more and more social platforms popping up online, content sharing can be time consuming, as each has its own style and messaging. Enter Buffer. This tool is a great way to streamline your posting and schedule on multiple platforms, making sure you’re talking to everyone where it counts.

2. LaunchCrew to launch campaigns. When launch day comes, startups need to get the word out to as many people to have the most impact and increase the probability of being heard in crowded industries. Often this entails getting your current followers to share with their friends, family and connections. LaunchCrew will help you do just that. It lets you cast a much wider net, practically doubling or tripling your impact.

3. Unbounce to create landing pages. Landing pages are now a must-have design choice to boost your online special operations. By customizing these towards a targeted audience, along with specific and relatable calls to action, it makes them way more efficient at achieving higher click-through rates.

4. Click to Tweet to foster sharing. It’s ok to ask people to share. But the simpler it is, the more people you’ll get to do so. By giving out a simple, pre-composed click-to-tweet URL for your audience to tweet in seconds, you’ll find that your potential for virality is drastically increased.

5. Mention to monitor and react. Once people start talking about you, the best way to continue growing is to detect these mentions and to reply to every one of them. By doing so, it fosters a lot of motivation for them to talk and mention even more about you, creating a network of trusted brand advocates. By having alerts based on keywords — like the name of your company, your products or your competitors — mention allows you to stay in the know and react in seconds by connecting your social accounts directly to the app.

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