Top Ten Tips For B2B Telemarketing

Top Ten Tips For B2B Telemarketing

Being effective in your B2B telemarketing campaigns all about being ready to address the various issues faced by both your customers and business prospects. Basically, it is all about providing quality customer service for all you call as well as those who call you. While you do need to meet your sales leads targets, you also need to make sure that the other party is happy as well. This is a very important point in ensuring that your B2B appointment setting process will go smoothly. Now, the question here is how you do your job right. Luckily, there are some tips that you can use.

1. Clarify complaints – people complain about the service or products that you offered, you should check the details. Most callers would be saying too many details that the real issue could get muddled.

2. Have confidence – this is a real boost to your performance, one that can be noticed during your call. Believe that you can do the job, and the job can be done.

3. Be positive – no matter how bad the day has gone by, thinking that things will turn out well in the end is important. A little positive outlook can mean a great deal for a person’s morale.

4. Speed up the call handling – time is precious, for both the caller and the called. It is important that you and your B2B lead generation team be made aware of that. No dilly-dallying of calls, go straight to the point, and help your prospects get things done.

5. Have a proactive system of helping prospects – some problems can be anticipated before it happens, so it pays for you and your team to prepare for it before it happens.

6. Plan your seating arrangement – this is especially important in large scale telemarketing operations with shifting work schedules. It would be useful if you can get some automated planning system that will maximise the productivity of our marketing team.

7. Know who you are calling – take note that there are different kinds of customers and potential B2B leads. Once you realise these little details, it would be easier for you to generate more sales leads for your business.

8. Make self-service options easier for users – sure, nothing beats a good marketing call, but you have to make sure that alternative sources of information is readily available in a quick and convenient manner.

9. Hire the right team – telemarketing can be a really stressful and complex job, so in the event that you have to hire people, make sure you hire those who know this business well.

10. Delegate to the right people – you cannot do everything well on your own. In case you have to do business with someone you are not skilled with in handling, leave that job to those who do.

These tips can be really simple, but they all have a strong effect on B2B lead generation campaigns that rely on them. You can follow these tips to, and you will see that this is a good investment.

The Three Telemarketing Mistakes That Companies Can Make

The Three Telemarketing Mistakes That Companies Can Make


The Three Telemarketing Mistakes That Companies Can MakeThe thing about telemarketing, and why it gives a lot of grief for countless companies, can be traced to the poor management and planning practices that one often commits in the name of marketing. Really, if you want to generate good sales leads, you have got to know how to do things properly. More often than not, we fall into marketing practices that cause nothing but trouble to us. If anything, we should avoid them. But to do that, we have to first know what can cause our B2B lead generation campaigns to fail. Knowing is winning half the battle, so to speak. It is up to us on how to correct these mistakes.

Let us start with the first error that even veteran appointment setters commit: making assumptions. But what could be even more troublesome for business would be to make a bad assumption. Marketers need to examine data most of the time in order to make sensible marketing plans. The problem here is when we make conclusions based only on an initial set of data. Or, like some marketers do, they skew the data to be obtained in order to get favorable results. That is not a good business practice. Indeed, it can pull you back. So, for you to be more effective as a marketer, be honest. Get all the data that you can possibly get. Only when you have the details should you make a conclusion.

Another error that marketers make lies with the way they plan the campaign. Most marketers today, especially those pressured to hit the numbers, are focused on creating campaigns that drive the sale. That is not a good business move. Business these days is all about establishing a relationship with your customers. And you can only do that by applying yourself in various marketing touch points. You have to be everywhere, in any medium, in order to connect with the most number of people. And instead of spending big bucks on traditional advertising, maybe a little telemarketing survey on the major influencers might be more effective. At least you know who can get to your audience better.

Lastly, despite what others say, nothing beats the original. That is the same thing with marketing. Maybe you got interested with the marketing strategy employed by another company. It was so effective that you wanted to imitate it. While trying to emulate the success of another company in generating B2B leads is not all together bad, you should also know that copying them is inviting problems for your firm. Remember, that strategy worked on them because they are ‘them’, not ‘you. See what happened to Radio Shack when they tried to copy Apple’s branding strategy. It can be that bad, really. As a sensible marketer, why not try tapping into your creative juices and come up with an appointment setting strategy that works well for you?

See? These are the mistakes that you should be avoiding in your telemarketing campaigns. Are there any other bad marketing moves that you can share?

5 details to examine when listening to your own Telemarketing calls


Never mind the shame. Never mind the humiliation. Never mind the trauma of reliving hideous calls while other people are listening. Never mind the painful, unbearable horror of hearing your own squeaky voice.

Whatever it takes, you have got to listen to your own calls.

It’s a frightening, sometimes saddening experience at first, and you’re not the only one who’s ever felt that way. But after a while, you’d see how beneficial it is to assess your own performance, and before you know it, you’d be requesting your leader for more call calibration sessions.

But what aspects in particular should you evaluate in your calls?

    1. First impressions – For the nth time, a lot of emphasis is put on the first few seconds of the call. Listen to your opening spiel and assess it objectively. If you were a prospect, what would be your initial thoughts upon hearing your voice? Was the greeting effective? Are you pleasant enough to take the call further? Or do you honestly deserve a bold rejection?


    1. Hits and missesWas there a question that wasn’t answered? Was there inaccurate information that was provided? Were there opportunities to probe that weren’t grabbed? On a lighter note, pat yourself on the back for your gems. Which statements elicited positive responses?


    1. Tone and choice of words. Now this is a crucial aspect of your calls, since both tone and word choice are personality-based characteristics. These are things you don’t get to change overnight, and would take practice and self-awareness. Did you use unprofessional words? Did you, at any point, sound condescending or arrogant? Did you sound sincere when you needed to?


    1. Timing and fluidity. Even the best tone and choice of words become pointless if not timed appropriately. The as-long-as-there’s-no-dead-air rule is a common fallacy; dead air is not necessarily a breakdown of call flow. You’re human – sometimes you have to allow a few seconds for things to sink in or draw out. The more that you pretend to be smooth by going extremely fast like a runaway train, the more fake it would sound.


  1. Leaving a mark. How you end the call is just as important as the entire thing. Some telemarketers don’t see the point of sustaining energy up to the last seconds of the call, especially if it ended miserably. Bad calls still deserve a proper burial. And with good calls, make sure you finish them pleasantly not only for you (for getting a lead), but also for them (for getting the chance to talk to an amazing telemarketer like you).


The Power Of Effective Telemarketing Surveys


The Power Of Effective Telemarketing SurveysWhen you consider how to gauge the latest buying behavior of your target market, and how this can affect your generation of qualified sales leads, there is always some way for you to do that. And it need not have to be that expensive or complicated at all. Sure, you will hear people scoffing at the idea, but conducting a telemarketing survey would be a really smart move on your part. The only question here is whether you are capable of organizing one. We all know just how costly it can be, so many are turning to cheaper methods in ascertaining the real beat of the market.

This is just so sad, since they are missing out on something good.

You see, when it comes to understanding what really runs in the mind of your customers, you really have to ask them directly. Now, you cannot just wait for them to stop by your office before you start your interview. There has to be some other way for you to get information without waiting things out. And there is a way for that: a telemarketing survey. If you think about this carefully, then you would agree that this is a very viable way to study your market, as well as identify factors that can help you generate more B2B leads.  But why should you, as a marketer, consider this option?

First of all, you need to put a human touch on your interactions. True, you need information, but you just cannot pull this out of every randomly chosen customer. You need to have an interview, which is not that hard at all. As long as you have competent telemarketers on the job, then it would be easy.

Second, you need to cut through the data noise. Big data may be all the rage of the marketing game, but, sometimes, you just have to go through things with simplicity. By conducting interviews, and by crafting the right questionnaire, you can go straight at the heart of the matter and get the answers you want. You just have to be patient and inquisitive in that regard.

Third, there is the cost of acquiring the information. Depending on the tools you use, it could be a really expensive or time-consuming affair. Just remember that your business is supposed to be benefiting from your actions, so you should avail of tools or mediums that can get you results fast. The success of your appointment setting campaign may depend on it.

Lastly, there is the skill set involved. Are you the type of person who could handle the analysis of the data your surveys have collected? Do you have the means to interpret the data? Do you have employees who can do that instead? These are just some of the questions that you ought to answer first.

For the final word, there is nothing really wrong if you employ a telemarketing survey to check on your market. Just make sure you organize and manage one properly.


How To Turn Memes Into An Engine Of Telemarketing


What does Rebecca Black, The Grumpy Cat, The Dancing Baby, and Oreos have in common? These are media subjects that have become memes in the online world. Internet memes are, without doubt, powerful enough to capture the fleeting attention of millions of people. And this is the very power that marketers wish to harness in their lead generation efforts. Imagine, a single image grabbing the attention of millions of people (the I Can Haz Cheeseburger meme, for example, garnered half a billion views in one year). Such numbers are an attractive source of sales leads for your business. And if we could use that interest to attract prospects, would that not make our telemarketing efforts easier to do?

So how do you make memes work for your appointment setting campaign?

To start with, you need to be updated with the latest pop culture. After all, memes are the products of popular topics, or probably just any topic that gets the attention of people. Second, you need to examine your own products and service, identifying key characteristics in it that can be meme-worthy. Last point is to be prepared. There are a lot of trending topics that can come up in the internet, and you have to be ready to use them to your advantage. For example, if you are a manufacturer of non-stick frying pans, and a video of an ice skater dancing awkwardly on ice goes viral, you can use that to promote your business and generate B2B leads better. Interested prospects can either click on the link added on your meme, or research more about the source of the meme (basically, it is you).

Just keep alert and let your creative juices working overtime. That will help you with your memes and telemarketing.

Telemarketing Lessons From The NBA Play-offs


With all eye focused on the NBA Finals, perhaps this is a good time to also discuss about the implications it has in the future of the game. Not only that, it might be worthy of study, for all aspects of our lives, even business and marketing are no exceptions. To be honest, you might learn a thing or two here that can help manage your lead generation operations. Even if you have to take a page out of sports, if it can help improve your ability in generating more qualified sales leads, then you should do so. Now, what lessons can you glean from this?

First off, you have to consider tactics. Yes, even in a job as regular as appointment setting, you still have to make plans. Just like in a basketball game, you need to know who you are playing against, where you will play your game, as well as the kind of game play that you will display. Convert these concepts into business terms, and you have a fairly good idea where to start.

Secondly, you should also think about your people. Different people have different styles or strengths, so their game might look different. Just make sure that they are all heading to the right direction. For example, if someone is good in telemarketing, then use him to get in touch with prospects on the phone.

Lastly, make sure you deliver. The NBA achieved its current level of popularity because it delivers what basketball fans demand. It is the same way with your business. If you want B2B leads to continue coming in, you need to make sure that you deliver what you promise to those you currently have. This will build up goodwill, as well as create a positive perception of you and your business.

Now, who said you cannot learn anything in basketball, anyway?

3 Branding Mistakes In Lead Generation


Branding practically means everything in business. This is the face and soul of your company. Your brand will also influence your effectiveness in lead generation campaigns. It is the first thing that prospective B2B leads will hear from you, and it has to be one that will stick to their minds the most. Of course, in the quest for creating memorable brands, many entrepreneurs often make the mistake of producing catchy names. Later, these turn out to be huge headaches, reducing their ability to effectively generate sales leads from the market. You should not make the same mistake. So, how should you go about it?

  1. Research – you might have come up with a catchy brand, but you may not be the first one. To avoid legal, and costly, arguments with rights owners, you should research the existence of the name. Check the internet or the patent office; see if your brand name is there already.
  2. Applicability – some entrepreneurs create brands that work well in only a small area. If you have plans of expanding, or using broad marketing mediums like telemarketing, it is best that you create a brand that anyone will understand or remember better.
  3. Relatedness – this part may be a bit tricky, but the rule of thumb here is to use a brand that is related to your business. If you insist on doing different, then fine, go ahead, you got nothing to lose. But you have to make sure you can connect your brand to your business properly come appointment setting time.

Simple enough, right? But these are sure to help you avoid lead generation troubles associated with branding.


7 Habits Of Successful Telemarketers: No. 7 – They Are Humble Enough


If there is also a quality that you have to emulate from successful telemarketing representatives, then it has to be their humility. Even the best among men can make a mistake, but it takes exceptional people to admit that they did. But that is the secret for a successful relationship building with potential B2B leads. It is good to really be knowledgeable about your business, but you cannot really have everything at your fingertips. In case you are lacking, admit to your short-comings and make sure that you get back to your lead generation prospects once you have what they need.

It is not that hard to imagine just how difficult it is to be honest and simply admit that you have made a mistake, or fail to deliver. That is bad news for business. And it is only natural that you would try to deny it or make excuses for it. Now that would be much worse.

Also, it does not really hurt if you ask help from others, especially if those people are much more knowledgeable than you in terms of business and market experience. Yes, you might look stupid at the start, but once you got things right, you will also look right.

Another thing, remember that appointment setting requires some level of negotiations, so be prepared to give some compromises to your prospective sales leads.

True, being humble and really willing to help your prospects can help you be more successful in your lead generation campaign.


Telemarketing Lessons From Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation


Sometimes, you just have to learn when to stop, no matter what precedents dictate. This is something that you can learn from Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation as Pope. After a tradition that spanned centuries, the pope has decided that enough is enough, that he going nowhere in his leadership, which compelled him to resign. What does it say about your lead generation campaign? Sometimes, you just have to know when to admit defeat. This is a necessary act if you want to generate qualified B2B leads. But that should not really be the end of it all. Actually, like the way Benedict XVI did, you should learn when to step aside and let more qualified people generate the sales leads for you.

This is the reason for outsourced telemarketing firms to come about. You have to accept the fact that you cannot do everything. There are some things that you are the best at, but there is also a lot of other stuff that you need to leave to the experts. Take, for example, appointment setting. This is a phase in generating sales leads where a lot of negotiations is involved – one where you might not be very good at. In this case, it is best to ask help from those experienced with this kind of work. In this way, you can concentrate more on what you handle best: your business.

There are a lot of outsourced lead generation firms that can help you. Just like Pope Benedict XVI, stepping down or stepping aside is not the end. Better choices can be available.


Improve Sales Through Lead Generation

Your office phone isn’t ringing as much as it used to, but that doesn’t mean that your company needs to start closing its doors. You (or your salespeople) just need to get back to prospecting and lead generation.

Getting your business and services out there to the public is more important now than ever. Thanks to the recession, people are more careful about where and when they spend their money. Waiting for your target customers to turn themselves into leads is a noble effort, but it’s largely a waste of your time.  It’s your job to let them know what you offer, because they’ll never know otherwise if they need it or not.

By prospecting for potential sales leads yourself, you have a better control of the pace of your sales process. It’s not the most enjoyable part of being in business, but it’s definitely the most crucial. There are plenty of methods you can use to help with your prospecting. You could start sending more emails, if you haven’t already. Look into joining trade shows, and even television advertising if you can afford it. If you feel like doing it the cheap and old-fashioned way, you can always grab the nearest phone book or search on Google. You can even hire professional telemarketers to do the cold-calling for you, or you might opt to go straight to a reliable telemarketing company for your telemarketing needs. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but the important thing is you get your products and services noticed by the right people.

How To Get More B2B Leads From AU Calling Lists

How To Get More B2B Leads From AU Calling Lists

Any business to business company will benefit greatly from having a lot of b2b sales leads. The question is, how exactly does one increase the number of prospects?

A good answer to that is b2b telemarketing. When your sales people are supported by a professional outbound telemarketing team, their work performance is greatly improved because they can spend more time with the AU sales leads that actually matter: the ones than have a high possibility of conversion. But not just any telemarketing team would do. The team you hire must not only be familiar with your Australian market and have professional work ethics, they must also have the proper tools to further increase a telemarketing campaign’s chance of success. For a good telemarketer, no other tool is as important as an up to date, well-targeted calling list. With the help of this list, b2b telelmarketers are able to contact different business numbers every time, removing redundant dials and reducing declined calls.

Keeping your telemarketing calling list up to date is as easy as hiring a BPO company to perform database management and  data verification, ensuring you that all phone numbers, addresses, and contact persons are regularly updated. With the help of a professional team of business to business telemarketers and a reliable calling list, you can be sure to notice a significant increase in your sales closing rate. When choosing your telemarketing team, look for a reliable b2b lead generation company that uses cold calling, and you can be sure of professional telemarketers and up to date calling lists.

How Can Telemarketing Help Social Media Marketing?


The marketing landscape is constantly changing. What may seem to be a sure-fire marketing tactic may not be an appropriate method today. And the lead generation tools we scoff at in the past may be the latest aid we need for the modern market. Such is the case with social media. Nowadays, companies and marketers are touting this mediums ability to generate sales leads, as well as engage customers in meaningful conversations. But is that enough? Will social media be the answer all marketers are looking for? Can it replace the other marketing tools that are currently used today? Or will it be a marketing fad that will fade in time? There are just too many questions that has to be answered.


We must first understand what social media is all about. Social media is a marketing strategy that uses social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. The aim here is to increase the online presence of the company, encouraging more customer engagement and conversation. While this is very effective in increasing the awareness of the market, it is just that – increasing market awareness. Social media, for all the things it can do and achieve, is still not that effective in generating qualified B2B leads. Remember the Pepsi Refresh campaign? It is a major advertising campaign used by the company to hype up its social responsibility and presence to the market., and look at what it got the company into. From being second to Coke, Pepsi slid down to the third spot. What made it more painful was the new second place: Diet Coke. Considering the millions spent on this social marketing campaign, you can tell that this was a real sales disaster. This is certainly something that you do not wish to happen.


In order for social media marketing to effectively generate more sales leads, you need another marketing tool to assist. It can come in many forms, but it seems like the best methods are the most disruptive in nature. In other words, these are marketing methods that actively and aggressively get in touch with prospects and help you with the task. Among the most preferred methods employed would be telemarketing. Yes, you would probably be complaining that this is an old (if not a negative) means of engaging prospects to buy or sign up to our offer. But in terms of effectiveness, when paired with social media marketing, you will see better results in terms of appointment setting success.


What does it tell you about social media and lead generation? For one, it tells you that social media, as a marketing tactic, cannot bring sales leads on its own. You can spend a lot of money in your social media campaign, but just like the case with Pepsi, it might not be a bright idea. In order for it to be effective, you need to combine it with other marketing tools, like professional telemarketing services. Whether done in-house or through outsourcing, it will give you the right results.