Telemarketing Troubles? This Is How You Solve It


Yes, there will be times (it will not be surprising how often it might be) that you get a bad day when generating sales leads. You may get a lot of rejections, curses, fails, losses, in a single day. But that is all right. Everyone gets that once in a while. And it can have a negative impact on your lead generation productivity. Now that is something no one would want to get in the long run. You will need to solve that, and to solve that fast. So here is how you do it:


  1. For bad calls – instead of taking a break after a particularly nasty call, why not take a deep breath and go straight to the next appointment setting call. Believe it or not, you will forget about that bad call, allowing you to concentrate better in your current calls.
  2. Telemarketing is an art – yes, there are graphs and numbers that you should consider, but when the going gets tough, generating B2B leads is dependent on your communication skills. And mind you, communicating is an art that you have to master.
  3. Remember that no one is perfect – everyone makes a mistake. What matters is how you handle it, how you rise up to the challenge (or maybe save your skin). Sharing your experiences with others might help, as well as learning from others.

Keep these tips in mind, and you will be able to handle your telemarketing troubles. It is that simple, you know.


Will Social Media Replace Telemarketing?


Social media is the rage, there is no doubt about it. With the Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and pictures all catching the attention of a huge number of people, it does have a lot of potentials for a professional lead generation campaign. It is new, it attracts a lot of prospects, and it can certainly help you engage them in a conversation. Surely, this is the best way to attract more B2B leads. It could very well replace telemarketing, right? Well, some marketers might disagree. Before you start saying that those who beg to differ are relics of the past, we must first identify the reasons why social media could not replace telemarketers in generating qualified sales leads.

For one, social media is just that, social. It is merely a platform in which to engage prospects in a conversation, probably about things in common and interests. While it is good to talk to business prospects, the problem here is that some marketers are tempted to replace their entire campaign process with social media – which is a very bad move. Social media is meant to communicate with prospects. Other methods like telemarketing is meant to convert prospects into qualified sales leads. Believe it or not, calling people on the phone is a much needed medium for inside sales people.

Another point to consider are the required steps in qualifying business leads. Social media will help you find prospects, yes, but it is not that efficient in qualifying the prospects. Indeed, there will be some details that will not be clear through this medium. If you want to be sure that your prospects will indeed become viable leads, then you need to perform a more in-depth check on them. And you can only do that by talking directly to them. Even if you cannot do it in person, at least you can use the phone for the job. A skilled lead generation specialist will be able to wring out the true details when the call.

Of course, there is no reason to look at social media as below telemarketing. Indeed, both should be working side by side. You can only say so much on the phone without the prospect losing you. In case you need to say a few more details, social media services can provide that. You have to admit that these can be very powerful tools for inside sales. There are a lot of opportunities that can be found this way. And there are other tools available, like email and blogging. These can help you bring more customers to your business. Which will be all good for you.

Basically speaking, the aim here is to make talking to prospects easier to make. Sure, cold calling may have its detractors, but this is where social media can help. While talking to prospects in blog posts and tweets, you can create there an opportunity, an opening in which you can directly communicate with them on the phone. That will help you get the job done better.

What To Look For In A Telemarketing Team


Recruiting a good telemarketing team is crucial for a successful lead generation campaign. For one, they are the people who will stand on the frontlines, getting in touch with business prospects and turning them into qualified B2B leads. The problem here, so far, is the actual recruitment of your telemarketers. While it might sound easy, putting things in motion can be quite complicated. You can interview them on the phone, or maybe do a demonstration, but these pale in comparison to more intangible qualities that truly differentiate excellent telemarketers.


  1. A positive attitude – generating sales leads is no joke, with stress and rejections rates on the phone pretty high. If you can find a telemarketer with a natural sense of humor, or lives with a positive attitude, you should give them a second look.
  2. Enthusiasm – the work can be draining, especially if this is a long-term campaign. Excellent telemarketing representatives are buoyed with an enthusiastic outlook, keeping them going despite the drudgery.
  3. They worked hard, and they have something to show for – this is where past job experiences come in. No matter how promising a potential hire is, if they have shown a lackluster performance, this might make you think twice. It is your call to hire them or not.
  4. Self-motivated – you cannot give your team pep talk every day. You have a lot of things on your plate. It would be a great help for you if you simply hire someone that can motivate themselves, and get things done.
  5. They have a clear and friendly voice on the phone – in telemarketing, voice quality is important. You need someone who has this quality if you want to be effective in appointment setting tasks.
  6. Willing to go on an incentives scheme – a commission-based payment system can be a win-win arrangement. If your agent does not perform well, you minimize your losses. If they exceed expectations, they earn a larger paycheck. It is a risk, but the rewards are worth it.
  7. Can work with a team – lone wolves may be good, depending on the account, but you will need team players in a campaign that can might go through several stages before getting qualified as business leads.
  8. Confident – these people are sure of themselves and their capacity to excel in their work. Such people are rarely the type to sulk or get depressed after a bad day. Hire them astelemarketers and you will save yourself from performance headaches later.
  9. Empathetic – someone who can put himself on another man’s shoes is someone will be able to build rapport with prospects. And in lead generation terms, rapport is a big deal.
  10. Persistent – not taking ‘no’ for an answer is a quality that defines an effective marketer. They will keep on going until they finally get what they want.


See? If you can find someone who embodies most of these qualities, then your telemarketing campaign will be successful. What more if you can find one who has them all, right?


Lead Generation Lessons From Steve Jobs For The Australian Market

What makes a marketer effective in lead generation? This is just one of the many questions that have always come foremost in the minds of those responsible in generating qualified B2B leads in Australia. Perhaps we can take a page from the late Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. Considering the number of people praising his style of selling (not to mention a significant number vilifying the same strategies), we can learn a thing or two about our own way of getting sales leads, especially if we use telemarketing for our work. So, how can we do it, Steve Jobs-style?

First, we should be aggressive. Not in the sense that we are intruding into the life of our business prospects, but more along the fine line of not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Basically speaking, nothing ventured is nothing gained.

Second, focus on presentation. Why else was Jobs able to get that ‘wow’ reaction from his buyers? Because he knows how to present well. It is the same thing with you, if you want to turn sales leads into a closed deal. Being able to stand out in the ground meant presenting something in the most attractive manner possible.

Third, always deliver. What is the use of all those aggressive selling and presentation if you do not deliver what you promise? This is the greatest strength that Jobs’ company did, and this is something that we can learn for our appointment setting campaign.

These are the three main points that you can learn from Steve Jobs. You can use these to ensure that your lead generation campaign is more successful.

Slow B2B Leads In Australia? Motivations Might Be Needed

Sometimes, during your lead generation campaign in Australia, you might encounter those slumps in generating qualified sales leads. While the lead generation process may be just as usual, the slow period might be caused by some other factor. Among the obvious culprits is worker motivation. Now that is something that cannot be helped. Lead generation is a rather thankless job. If we use telemarketing as an example, you will agree that a lot of lead generators can feel much stressed out. Morale can go down, and it will affect the productivity in the long run. But you can handle that. You just need to invest in three things:

  1. Give them ownership – giving your people some level of responsibility in appointment setting indicates your trust in their abilities. They will understand that you are confident in their skills and they are not that likely to let you down.
  2. Give them a chance for fun – whether it is a special occasion, party, contest, or some sort, all these can contribute in creating a positive feeling in the office. Letting them have a chance to unwind with others is a great way to help them unwind and prepare for the next day.
  3. Give opportunities to improve – allowing them a chance to grow in the company, whether in position or in skills, is good for you and your employees, since this gives them the message that you care for their success.

Try following these tips. These are simple enough, but are sure to help motivate your people more and make your lead generation business more productive.

How The ‘Want’ Button Can Get B2B Leads In Australia

It seems like Facebook is getting set for more attempts to make a profit in the market. Recently, they have announced the inclusion of the ‘Want’ button in their user pages. So, what kind of impact will this have on the Australian business? Heaps, if you think about it. The ‘Want’ button can function as a lead generation tool for business. Facebook users can view a picture, message, or product they like, and then click the ‘Want’ button below it. Think of it as wishful thinking that can translate into real sales leads for firms selling such a product or service.

In terms of lead generation, particularly in appointment setting, it has become a necessity for us to know more about our prospects. Part of the challenge in setting a meeting with Australian entrepreneurs is the lack of sufficient intelligence about buying habits and preferences of prospects. Sure, such details can be identified through telemarketing surveys, but some industries will require more subtle means. What Facebook has introduced to the market can help businesses understand their prospects more. Done correctly and ethically, investors will be able to perform better in generating qualified B2B leads. What also count are the marketing tools you use to communicate with B2B prospects.

Yes, communication also plays an important role in business. And the tools you employ for the task, be it social media or telemarketing, can have an impact in your appointment setting campaign. If you want to be sure that you are doing it right, you will need to work with a company with the name and reputation to back their claim.

Why Patient Telemarketers Win Out in Telemarketing-And How to be Like Them


Patience is important in B2B telemarketing since results won’t just happen as soon as we would like them to.  Imagine you are a professional telemarketer very eager to make a sale yet your prospect says “NO” or “NOT NOW.”  You become disappointed.  What you must realize is that your success or failure is a choice.  There is nothing you can do to push these people to buy from you at that very moment.  Sit back and wait it out.  Give your prospects a week or two to decide.  You can make a follow up call or send them an email.  The point here is, you can learn the art of patience and you can be successful if you choose to.

One of the most admirable characteristics of the most successful telemarketers today is patience. This simply means, these marketers learn to work hard and do things over and over again until they get the results they want.  In this blog, I will share just a few ways to help you be like them.  Understand them and see if you qualify.

  • Patient telemarketers stick with all their goals yet they don’t expect them to happen overnight. They know that time is their best asset and that all their goals can be achieved as long as they give themselves a realistic time frame.
  • Patient telemarketers are not easily discouraged by momentary delays. They make use of this idle time to reevaluate themselves and to work on other important tasks.  For example, they try to nurture the relationships they have with their prospects through social media or email.  They do more in research and improve their calling scripts to be more effective.
  • Patient telemarketers are not “pushy”. They don’t urge prospects to decide right away.
  • Patient telemarketers plan their calls. They think well before they act, listen well before they speak and research well before they cold call.  Consequently, they make wise and sound decisions.

Practicing patience is important not only in telemarketing, but also in B2B lead generation and B2B appointment setting.  Remember business is a process and it takes time (sometimes longer time).  Hang back and wait patiently. And when the perfect day comes your way, just grab it.


Three Factors Needed For Your Company To Grow

When you want to be the best in the industry, you will agree that having some indicator to monitor is a good measure for performance. This is very effective in two ways: one, you get a clear idea just how you are doing in the market; and two, you will not be lost when it comes to understanding your operations. This is very useful when you are conducting a lead generation campaign, since you need to have a starting point of sorts when generating B2B leads. But what key indicators should you be looking at? There are three main factors to look for:

  1. Innovation – to innovate is to survive, that is one very important rule in business. If you fail to adapt to changes, to come up with new solutions to challenges, you will only end up losing more sales leads than you earn.
  2. Vision – this is the basis, the reason for being of a company. This is the message that appointment setting representatives convey when they are talking to prospects during, say, a telemarketing campaign. This is what you are all about.
  3. Dedication – being dedicated means focused, of striving to go against the odds, day in and day out. It is about being able to keep up with the demands of the times. If you slow down, take things easy, your competitors might take the lead. And who wants that, anyway?

If you fail in any of these three points, then your business is in danger of folding up, or of complicating your lead generation campaign.

The Three Things That Will Make Your Business Fail In Australia

Australia is a country with an excellent growth engine. Despite problems it has faced in the recent years, or the current slump of its mining industry, it is still a good place for a financial services company to do business in. There will always be companies in need of financial services, which qualify them as financial leads. What is important here is that you get a lead generation service specializing in financial services. But there is also the fact that, even if you have a good appointment setting campaign, you will still fail to bag B2B leads. And there are three reasons why:

First, there is lack of action. Entrepreneurs that fail often had the assumption that there is no change in their business, so they fail to act. The truth is: change is a constant. You have to constantly adapt to the shifting trends in the market or in your company if you want to keep going.

Second, you do not have milestones. Not knowing, or even creating, goals along the way to check your progress will not only get you lost, you will also lose your interest. In the long run, this can seriously affect your lead generation campaign. Just imagine how it can affect, say, telemarketing (if this is your medium).

Lastly, you do not have a proper follow up. Implementing an appointment setting campaign and just hoping that it will succeed in the end is also a no-no. You need to reevaluate your campaign to know where you are and if modifications are needed.

Do all these things, and your financial business in Australia will fail.

Asia: Australia’s Next Horizon In Lead Generation

Australian businesses will find it to their advantage to heed this advice: invest more in the Asian market. While it may be true that businesses in Australia are enjoying profitable growth over the years, the fact remains that this will not remain stable. Like in the mining sector, exports can go down in the future. Companies need to expand their trade portfolio, put more effort in their lead generation and appointment setting campaigns, to find more markets to generate B2B leads from. There are a lot of markets receptive to the various industries that Australia has. The key here is in choosing the right ones.

The number of industries in Australia that can try their hand in the Asian market is numerous. There are those in the agriculture sector, tourism, education, manufacturing, construction, etc. How an Australian firm succeeds in this depends on how good their marketing team is, whether they have people skilled in communication, like in social media and telemarketing, which can promote their company. If they do not have an in house one, or they cannot afford one, then they can easily have it outsourced to those who do. There are plenty of professional lead generation and appointment setting agencies that can provide such services.

As an engine of growth, the Asian economy is one that Australian businesses should grasp. There are a lot of opportunities to be found there, with the rewards for the intrepid ones substantial. The sales leads to be obtained there will certainly be of value.

Where To Get Quality Business Leads For Your Telemarketing Campaign

Your telemarketing campaign may be adequate right now, but to get the best possible results from your campaigns, you need to have all the factors that comprise a great business to business telemarketing campaign. Securing a good telemarketing script for lead generation and hiring reliable, experienced b2b telemarketers need one more thing to complete the process: a highly targeted telemarketing business list.

You can either generate your own business leads by scouring the internet and phone books, purchase a business list from a lead generation company, or you can outsource to professional lead generation service providers to look for specifically qualified b2b sales leads using your criteria.

An important thing to remember when buying pre-defined business lists from another company is to make sure that the list hasn’t already been sold to a competitor in your industry. This is often the problem with pre-qualified business lists because the buyer (in this case, you) will never know how many competitors in the same market, or even the same micro niche, have already gained access to that list of qualified business leads. Imagine if you were to buy a list that usually costs several hundred dollars; you’d expect your b2b telemarketers to be able to convert or get business appointments with these businesses because they are high quality leads. However, if your competitors have also purchased the same list, then your chances of converting these leads will be drastically reduced no matter how much they fit your criteria. Not only did you waste critical funds, but you’ve also wasted the time and effort of your employees.

The best way to ensure that your telemarketing campaign cold callers only contact qualified leads that you can actually convert and haven’t been purchased by your competitors yet is to outsource your lead generation to a professional b2b lead generation service provider. These leads you get from these companies are freshly sourced. Meaning, you get the first opportunity to offer a solution to their problem. And because the business list was generated specifically for the use of your telemarketers, you can be assured that no other competitor will present another offer to your business leads as you close the deal. All that’s left is for your telemarketers to set the business appointments and your sales representatives to close the deal.

Having an exclusive business list of qualified b2b sales leads, professionally trained and experienced b2b telemarketers, and an engaging telemarketing script are the most important factors to secure if you want to have the best telemarketing lead generation campaign for your business.

2 Valuable Reminders For Hiring A Telemarketing Services Provider

To have the best telemarketing campaigns that will yield high quality b2b sales leads for your business, you have to make sure that you’ve secured the important factors that make up a good telemarketing campaign. Aside from having a compelling, well-written telemarketing script, you need to have experienced professionals to do your cold calling for you. When choosing your telemarketers, you have the option of hiring a freelance telemarketer, or hiring one from a professional b2b telemarketing company. Whatever you choose and before you sign that contract, think about these two simple reminders to make sure you’re making the right choice for your company.

1. Never go for the cheapest option.

Cheap is as cheap gets. If you base your decisions simply on how much you will be able to save upfront, then you’re making your decisions all wrong. That “bargain” you thought you were privileged to get would sooner than later turn into a nightmare as you start dealing with incompetent telemarketers who cold call at their leisure, play games on your business prospects, and generally cause a failure of a telemarketing campaign. Yes, it was very much a “steal”. Those untrained freelancing telemarketers just took your money after you sealed the deal by paying half of the agreed sum; and you’ll probably never hear of them again. If you really want quality telemarketing services, remember that nothing comes for free. Though you may need to pay a considerable amount for the best service, you can rest assured that you will get the equal value of your payment through professionally trained b2b telemarketers, a responsible and capable team leader, strict quality analysts, a binding contract, and years of authentic industry experience.

2. Never hire when you’re in a rush.

Doing anything when pressed for time never results to anything more than satisfactory. As a business owner, you need to do proper research on anything before you finalize a deal. When looking to hire a business to business telemarketer for your campaigns, researching the experience of your applicants is really important to ensure the success of your telemarketing lead generation campaign. Even a reliable b2b telemarketing services provider needs to be questioned about their experience. You’ll know you’ve found a good one if the company is not shy to share their portfolio with you, or maybe give you a list of clients you can call. If you hire in a rush (which is never a good idea), there is a large chance that you will end up with a business scam, a freelancer who will disappear halfway through your campaign, or an amateur company whose telemarketers are still trying to figure out what VoIP actually means.