Telesales and Telemarketing: Essentially Same, Technically Different

Telesales and telemarketing are both products of marketing innovation that are designed to increase company profit using modern forms of channels – telephone, email, social media, etc.

Both schemes are often used interchangeably because they share common marketing contexts, nevertheless to distinguish the difference between the two is important. Though both may have a thin line between each other as they have one general aim, that is lead generation, telemarketing carries a more comprehensive and broader function. Telesales, on the other hand, is designed for a certain focal point.

The main functions of telemarketing are product awareness and lead generation. This is done through direct conversation, via telephone or other modern channels, with target market.  Basically, the main activities of telemarketing are:

  • Set appointments
  • Promote events
  • Generate marketing leads
  • Market research
  • Poll and survey
  • Collect feedbacks
  • Retain customers

These functions compose the survival kit that will aid every company in lead generation for marketing successes. Moreover, the most important role of telemarketing is to identify income-generating opportunities from the generated marketing leads.

Telesales however, is more focused on a single subject. It, unlike telemarketing, aims to directly convert the generated leads into sales. By principle, telesales gathers the potential income-generating leads from telemarketing or other channels and converts it into sales by outbound calling.

Technically, the process starts with telemarketing collecting the leads, then telesales will filter these lead and generate sales out of it:

  • Telemarketing – lead generation
  • Telesales – lead conversion (into sales)

For example, an online shop wants to pursue a customer who previously subscribed to their monthly newsletter. Telemarketing will conduct follow up activities, like setting webinars or appointments, to have a grasp on this potential leads. Then, telesales will quickly turn this leads into sales by offering and encouraging the potential customer to avail their products and services. In the reality, the interactions between the two is more complex and progresses thru a variety of channels. The key to a solid telemarketing is tailored programs, tactics, timeframes, and finances. This will escort quality lead generation making telesales’ lead conversion easy and seamless.

Telesales and telemarketing work as complementary elements to each other. A telesales campaign that does not use an efficient and effective telemarketing lead generation will result to low sales conversion of leads. And a telemarketing lead generation campaign is useless unless telesales can be able to convert these leads into sales.

Source:  What’s The Difference between Telemarketing and Telesales?


How To Get More B2B Leads From AU Calling Lists

How To Get More B2B Leads From AU Calling Lists

Any business to business company will benefit greatly from having a lot of b2b sales leads. The question is, how exactly does one increase the number of prospects?

A good answer to that is b2b telemarketing. When your sales people are supported by a professional outbound telemarketing team, their work performance is greatly improved because they can spend more time with the AU sales leads that actually matter: the ones than have a high possibility of conversion. But not just any telemarketing team would do. The team you hire must not only be familiar with your Australian market and have professional work ethics, they must also have the proper tools to further increase a telemarketing campaign’s chance of success. For a good telemarketer, no other tool is as important as an up to date, well-targeted calling list. With the help of this list, b2b telelmarketers are able to contact different business numbers every time, removing redundant dials and reducing declined calls.

Keeping your telemarketing calling list up to date is as easy as hiring a BPO company to perform database management and  data verification, ensuring you that all phone numbers, addresses, and contact persons are regularly updated. With the help of a professional team of business to business telemarketers and a reliable calling list, you can be sure to notice a significant increase in your sales closing rate. When choosing your telemarketing team, look for a reliable b2b lead generation company that uses cold calling, and you can be sure of professional telemarketers and up to date calling lists.

Three Sources Of Telesales Burnout In Australia


Three_Sources_Of_Telesales_Burnout_In_Australia_DONEGetting burned-out during work is natural. This is a constant in all businesses, including those in Australia. Whether this is in terms of marketing or lead generation, you can expect your people to have lose some steam during their work. When that happens, well, that is bad news, since this will affect your ability to generate sales leads. But what could cause your team to burn out? The reasons might surprise you. Just take a look at the reasons below:

  1. You work too long – this pretty much explains why our workaholic appointment setting representatives look about ready to drop. Working long hours might sound like getting more work done, but this simply is an invitation to break down.
  2. Boredom – doing repetitive telesales tasks is just too bad. Adding a little variety during work (like the time you make calls, or maybe a change of scenery) can help fight off the boredom. Besides, getting bored at work can make it harder for you lead generation team to provide quality work.
  3. Not getting praised enough – the mind can be a powerful motivator in generating good B2B leads. You need to regularly praise or commend the good work of your people. That will make them feel appreciated and will encourage them to work harder.

These are just some issues that you need to address in order to avoid work burn-outs. Failure to do that will just induce your lead generation team to get burned out. No one would want that, right?


The Secret To Successful Lead Generation

Yes, it may be true that generating sales leads in Australia can be hard, but that does not mean it is impossible. Lead generation work can be made more successful, as long as you know how to do it. The secret lies in the means of achieving your business goals. Actually, there is one business tip that you should never take lightly. Do this right, and everything else in your campaign will easily fall into its proper places. The secret to generating B2B leads? Ask the right questions.

Really, asking prospects the right questions in the course of your appointment setting work is essential to the success of your campaign. Think about, before you can craft an effective business solution, before you can create the right sales pitch to business prospects, you need to know first what the problem is. Not doing so is not just bad marketing, it is also the hallmark of carelessness. Another thing, if marketing experts say that you should listen well to what your prospects say, how can you do so if you do not ask them the right questions?

Also, the choice of marketing partner plays a crucial role in the success of your campaign. It may be so that you lack the necessary skills (or perhaps the budget) needed to arrange for an in-house team of your own. To solve that, you will need to outsource it to a competent telesales firm. Why telesellers? You need a communication medium that is effective in sending your message to prospects. It is an important business investment.

If SEO Is Dead In Australia, Can You Still Get Leads?

While the above scenario may never happen, especially in a country like Australia, it is good to know what other options small and medium sized businesses can use to increase their chances of getting good sales leads from other firms. Besides, it can be good mental exercise for entrepreneurs who want to know what other marketing mediums they can employ to be more competitive in lead generation. Believe it or not, while some may sound too old-fashioned, they can still do a great job in getting the B2B leads that your business will need. Some of these are very simple, but they really work:

  1. Seminars and trade fairs – these occasions in Australia are good places to start, especially if you want to build a network of prospects that you can give a call later on during your appointment setting work.
  2. Telesales – while it may be true that some businesses shrink away from using this marketing medium, there is no denying that this is ideal in talking to business prospects (most of them prefer speaking with other people on the phone). It can be very useful in your negotiations.
  3. E-mail – If the information you wish to provide is too detailed or confusing on the phone, it is better to send these items through the mail. This is also a very affordable medium if you want to send a sales pitch to those who read it.

There are other marketing mediums that you can use, but the three mentioned above are your ideal options.