5 Link Building strategies to reinforce your SEO strength

5 Link Building strategies to reinforce your SEO strength

5 Link Building strategies to reinforce your SEO strengthAre you still using outdated link-building techniques such as automated directory submissions or “10,000 links for $10” package purchases? If yes, chances are, you’re not doing well with your SEO since Google has already made those activities virtually useless.

The digital marketing scene has already evolved thanks to the release of the Panda and Penguin algorithms. But the essence of building backlinks is still pretty much alive, it’s just that traditional methods no longer fit the bill. Now, marketers have no choice but to rely on more instinctive actions plans to update their link building campaigns:

1.Guest posting – This technique hits two birds with one stone; not only that it introduces your content to a new audience, it will also provide you an avenue to position at least one backlink pointed at your website. All you need to do is figure out which blogs you need to guest post on, how often, and what kind of content you can share.

2.Venture with infographics – Do you have a talented digital graphic artist in your team? Try creating useful infographics. People like to seek and share them, mostly because it’s easier to grasp and pleasing to the eye. Come up with a unique concept and produce an infographic twice a week. Every time that someone references it on a site, new links would be created for you.

3.Link-building over email – Google is constantly making rounds in cyberspace, cracking down on links found in blog sidebars and footers. Instead of being an outlaw, why not develop an “in-content” link? These are the ones that are in the content body of the referring site’s pages. What you could do is to try emailing potential linking websites and request that your link be placed on a relevant page of content.

4.Viral content – If you could come up with content that is highly-valuable, highly-shareable and at the same time highly-entertaining, then you don’t need to extend your reach to your audience – they would be the ones to market it among themselves. Even without your direct participation, a multitude of backlinks would arise every time someone shares your viral content.

5. Breaking down competitor links – Tools like Majestic SEO (free plans are available) and Open Site Explorer from SEOmoz (free plan available, paid plans start at $99 a month) can allow you to view the websites that are linking back to your competitors’ websites. It can give you insights on potential sources and useful strategies that are prevalent in the market.