Sample Cold Calling Scripts for Key Buyer Personas in Managed IT (eBook cover)

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Sample Cold Calling Scripts for Key Buyer Personas in Managed IT

MSP vendors need to engage multiple decision makers in an organization to win high-value accounts. As non-IT stakeholders continue to play a more important role alongside IT specialists in driving tech buying decisions, your messaging also needs to appeal to this new target audience.

This downloadable guide shows you how to put this idea into action. We compiled a number of sample cold calling scripts that target different buyer personas involved in the typical MSP purchase process, including end users, technical buyers, influencers, and economic buyers.

With this free resource, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify which job titles and positions have the biggest impact on MSP purchases
  • Tailor your phone outreach according to each persona’s communication style and preferences
  • Refine your value proposition based on the benefits and pain points that each persona cares about
  • Learn specific tactics to make your cold calls more engaging, compelling, and productive

This is a must-have reference for MSP vendors and channel partners today. Get your sample scripts now.

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