If SEO Is Dead In Australia, Can You Still Get Leads?

While the above scenario may never happen, especially in a country like Australia, it is good to know what other options small and medium sized businesses can use to increase their chances of getting good sales leads from other firms. Besides, it can be good mental exercise for entrepreneurs who want to know what other marketing mediums they can employ to be more competitive in lead generation. Believe it or not, while some may sound too old-fashioned, they can still do a great job in getting the B2B leads that your business will need. Some of these are very simple, but they really work:

  1. Seminars and trade fairs – these occasions in Australia are good places to start, especially if you want to build a network of prospects that you can give a call later on during your appointment setting work.
  2. Telesales – while it may be true that some businesses shrink away from using this marketing medium, there is no denying that this is ideal in talking to business prospects (most of them prefer speaking with other people on the phone). It can be very useful in your negotiations.
  3. E-mail – If the information you wish to provide is too detailed or confusing on the phone, it is better to send these items through the mail. This is also a very affordable medium if you want to send a sales pitch to those who read it.

There are other marketing mediums that you can use, but the three mentioned above are your ideal options.