The Art of Successful Sales Lead Generation

– by Mark Vurnum –

Is your business looking at sales lead generation? Like many businesses getting the right type of business lead generation into your business is the key to its success. In this article we will look at business to business lead generation and the types of methods you can use to generate your own sales leads.

There are a number of ways to generate your own sales lead. Below are the five key methods to sales lead generation.

1) Use direct mail. Direct mail is a great way to contact your prospects to turn them into sales leads. Using a simple offer letter and sending it to your prospect could turn it into a sales lead. However, the best type of prospect to use this method on is your existing customers. By sending them an offer that is just for them for a limited time, will result in more sales for your business without having to generate a new lead. New leads are expensive to generate, so first and foremost you should approach your existing customers to generate more business.

2) Use the internet. Got a website? Earn much money from it yet? Over 83.2% of small businesses are not making any return on investment from their websites. This is due to them not setting them up correctly to generate sales leads. Online business lead generation is the quickest, cheapest and most effective way to get more business. With email free to sent, you can use it to generate both sales from existing customers and also use it for sales lead generation.

It is important that you set up your website correctly to get leads. You will need an auto responder to capture data and be abler to broadcast new messages to your visitors. Auto responders are cheap and cost from $20 a month; however I wouldn’t recommend using the free services as they are usually unreliable and carry advertising that may distract your customer.

You will need to use a special report to grab people’s attention and get them to part with their details. A special report is a simple guide, like this article, to give some useful information regarding your product or service.

3) Use competitions. Why not run a competition to get visitors to your website or showroom? This tactic is a great way to generate leads for your business. Simply offer a prize in return for their details and ensure that to take part they must visit your website or showroom. You can easily get them to find a special code on your website or complete the form in your shop or showroom to enter. This works really well if you combine it with a special entry offer too. Such things as a big reduction to get them to buy their first purchase from you.

4) Trade shows and exhibitions. These are great places to find more sales leads because the visitors have made the effort to attend the show, so they are interested in what you have. The key to successful lead generation program is to run a competition and capture as much data as possible and then approach the sales leads after the show. Very few companies actually do this, yet it the most powerful way to maximize a trade show or exhibition.

By allowing the visitor some time to breath after all your competitors attacked them at the show means that they are more likely to be receptive of what you have to say when they are in the comfort of their own home or office, when they attend a trade show or exhibition they are on guard as they know they are going to be sold to. By not selling to them and following up after the show you will get more sales leads.

5) Articles. These simple documents can generate tons of new sales leads into your business. All you need to do is sit down, write an article or two about your business and then submit it the hundreds of article directories there are on the internet. This will get you traffic to your website and as long as you have the data capture page there, you will capture new sales leads.

All in all to ensure that the lead generation services conducted by your lead generation company are successful, you need to ensure you use more than one channel of marketing. If you find a channel that works then increase the exposure of that medium. Sales leads are easy to find all you need to do is ensure you set your proposition correctly to grab all the data you can and get the best value for money from your marketing. Sales lead generation does take some time and planning to execute, but if done correctly can reap the rewards and generation hundreds of new sales leads for you business every month for many years to come.