rebecca matias promotion to COO

Rebecca Matias Assumes Role as Callbox’s New COO

In our ongoing quest for leadership excellence and global market growth, it is our delight to announce Rebecca Matias’s promotion to Chief Operating Officer at Callbox. Rebecca, with her extensive industry knowledge and innovative strategies, has been instrumental in shaping the company’s trajectory in the B2B sector.

Rom Agustin, CEO-Founder of Callbox, expresses excitement, acknowledging her pivotal contributions that have propelled the company to new heights of global acclaim. As COO, Rebecca will further bolster our operational capabilities and drive strategic expansion.

Expressing gratitude for this opportunity, she shares her vision for the future, underscoring the importance of collaboration with both the team and clients to pioneer new paths and set benchmarks in the B2B market.

Since joining Callbox in 2008, Rebecca has been a driving force behind our successes. Her strategic leadership has led to our expansion into the APAC and LATAM regions, resulting in an impressive 40% growth in market penetration over the past three years.

She has fostered valuable tech partnerships that have significantly improved our operational efficiency, resulting in a remarkable 25% reduction in client acquisition costs and heightened overall client satisfaction. Her unwavering focus on operational excellence has streamlined internal processes, leading to a notable 30% increase in productivity across various departments.

A Quick Encounter with Queck

Rebecca is affectionately referred to by her colleagues as “Queck.” Having a “go-getter” attitude, you’ll seldom hear her say “no” to any challenge. Instead, she embraces change and seizes opportunities with steadfast dedication.

With her impressive eight-year tenure in sales and marketing, she is the go-to professional when it comes to sealing deals and tailoring solutions to meet clients’ unique needs. Her success is attributed to her mastery of maintaining strong and seamless client connections, all made possible through consistent communication.

In addition to her professional achievements, Rebecca holds an MBA and a Chemical Engineering degree from Ateneo de Davao, Philippines. Her journey began at Shell Oil in 2004, where she strategically navigated fuel distribution. Later, as the Deputy Team Leader at The Louis Berger Group, she orchestrated connections and managed logistics for notable events and VIP visits.

Rebecca’s dynamic spirit, combined with her exceptional PR and communication skills, has firmly positioned her as a driving force behind Callbox’s triumphs. As she continues to inspire and spearhead innovative projects at the company, her journey serves as a testament to the fusion of passion and professionalism.

Towards Exciting Business Strides and New Horizons

As we embark on this thrilling new chapter, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the lasting impact and fresh innovations that Rebecca Matias, our new Chief Operating Officer, will bring to Callbox’s pursuit of excellence in the dynamic B2B market.

To Queck, our warmest congratulations on this remarkable achievement!


Callbox Webinar: To Call or Not to Call? 5 Times Telemarketing is the Answer

Callbox started business in 2004. Back then, a calling list and a phone were everything we needed to generate leads and book appointments for our clients. But, over the course of seventeen years or so, some things changed.

From a mere lead generation company, Callbox has evolved into a global Multi-channel Sales & Marketing Support firm, and is now leading the pack with a suite of relevant B2B services such as Lead Generation, Account-based Marketing, Database Solutions, Event Marketing, Webinar, and Cross-border Marketing services, through its Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and USA offices.

It’s growth, however, was not achieved as quick and easy as how it’s written here. Callbox went through several phases of innovations which were carried out by upscaling its in-house tools, adapting to technology transformations, and strengthening brand presence through events and partnerships.

One of the many breakthroughs of telemarketing which Callbox fully adopted is Multi-Channel Lead Generation, where apart from voice or calling, other channels were infused such as email, chat, web, social media, and webinar, to engage prospects at a place and time they are most comfortable to talk.

However, the rise of these channels led to skepticism in some marketers as to whether engaging a prospect in a call would still be relevant in the buyer’s journey or not, as surveys and white papers pen email, content, and social media, to be the most effective marketing channels today, hence, leading them torn between to call or not to call.

In the coming Callbox webinar titled, To Call Or Not To Call? 5 Times Telemarketing is the Answer, on August 18, 2021, at 1 PM SGT, which will be hosted by Callbox’s Marketing Coordinator, Charmaine Espanola, you will finally decide as you bag these takeaways:

  • Telemarketing is the most effective tool for generating leads, nurturing them, and qualifying prospects
  • Knowing when to and not to call a prospect can give you favorable results and better conversions
  • Resonate, and engage buyers at every Moment of Truth

In the webinar, you will learn how Callbox leverages multi-channel marketing differently through its SMART Calling approach which will help you engage the most responsive, and ready to talk potential buyers in your next telemarketing campaign.


Huddle 2020: The Much Needed Change To Reshape Business, and To Grow

Like greased lightning, Huddle 2020: Reshape your Business and Transform The Way You Grow conference went fast, bustling, and fun. The three-hour virtual event gathered the most influential industry leaders in APAC who shared their insights and expert advice on sage tools and strategies that businesses should adopt in order to keep a competitive advantage.

Rom Agustin, Callbox CEO, chaired the keynote presentation and went over the key attributes of what makes a B2B shapeshifter and how these unique traits contribute to their success and growth. The Callbox founder believes that company leaders should be keen to note the importance of adapting to change, which areas need to be refined, and the right technology stack to use. His insights were articulated in three separate sessions that followed.

In session 1, Callbox Client Services Manager, Mitos, together with Kaddra CEO, Quentin Chiarugi, delved into topics about technologies that can carry out the change that companies want to happen in the business and the challenges that come along with it, aside from pressing on the importance and benefits of mobile commerce in today’s business landscape.

Also, Callbox’s Account Manager, Patricia, teamed up with HubSpot’s Channel Consultant, Chiara Gaviraghi, in session 2, and shared tips and insights on the most effective ways businesses can optimize their sales process. The two marketing-savvy ladies also touched on the different tools, processes and frameworks that organizations can incorporate into their business to better manage workflows.

There were also networking opportunities in between sessions where attendees connected with Callbox Sales and Marketing consultants and industry peers, to ask questions, exchange thoughts, and uncover ideas.

And, capping this year’s virtual conference was a collaboration of three brilliant Callbox femme leaders from different departments in a fun and learning discussion in session 3: Rebecca for Marketing, Bernadette for Sales and Mitos for Client Services. The talk focused on how each leader reinvented their processes and teams in order to easily adapt to change and still keep sales productivity at scale.

We’ve been through hard sledding this year, but we managed to get through. Callbox is looking forward to sharing more insights and knowledge, discovering tools and strategies, and helping you transform the way you grow your business. With the right tools, strategies and a positive set of mind, we’ll surely have a smooth ride to Huddle 2021, and beyond.


Callbox Huddle 2020: Reshape your Business and Transform The Way You Grow

Callbox Huddle 2020 APAC is an online event coming this December 4, 2020, packed with engaging sessions that will change the way you grow and manage your business. Together with industry experts, we’re going to host the following sessions:

Be a B2B Shapeshifter: Transform the Way You Grow

In this keynote presentation, we’ll be going over the key attributes of what makes a B2B shapeshifter and how these unique traits contribute to their growth and success.

Retool your Business with the Right Technology

This session will feature industry experts and thought leaders in tech as they answer questions on how technology can reshape the way our businesses grow.

Redefine your Process, Reinvent your Team

Discover different ways managers and team leaders can positively impact business processes by empowering the people behind these systems.

Callbox Spotlight: Refining Your Sales Workflow (feat. HubSpot)

Don’t miss out on Callbox and HubSpot talk about the most effective ways businesses can optimize their sales process – from the lead handoff, nurturing, and all the way to closing deals – we will cover it all!

Meet your Peers Virtually

This networking session is an excellent way for you to discover new opportunities by meeting new people who share the same interests as you as well as uncover new gems of information together.

With this event, Callbox aims to renew the way we do business, especially in the midst of the global events 2020 has brought us. We hope that this event will help businesses around the world, whether big or small, prepare and inspire them on how to come back stronger in 2021 and in the years to come.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Huddle 2020 Virtual Conference for Business Leaders - Banner image

Author Bio:

Dara Lin

Dara Lin is a Marketing Specialist at Callbox Australia. She is a coffee trailblazer, general music fanatic, and an internet enthusiast. Follow Dara on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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Callbox Concludes Content Marketing Webinar a Success

Callbox bagged another success with its recently concluded live webinar, Capture Future Customers, Produce Content That Makes Prospects Buy. The engagement rate among attendees was high which left Ben, Callbox Content Manager and webinar host, catering more questions beyond the estimated 1 hour duration of the session.

Another good thing about the webinar was, the team didn’t have to bone up on topics to discuss, but just focused on the goal to share insights on how to deliver content that guides prospects as they travel the path from discovery to purchase, and still hit the mark.

Below are the attendees’ takeaways:

  • Learned the different content types and templates to use across channels like email, social, phone, web, chat and more
  • How to create custom content for all stages of the buyer’s journey
  • Identified the right CTAs to use that can surely move prospects to the next stage of the sales cycle
  • How to cut through the content sea of sameness and outsell competitors

A study showed that 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing, spending 46% of their budget on content creation and plan to double their efforts in the next five years. The Callbox Capture Future Customers, Produce Content That Makes Prospects Buy live webinar proved these statistics right with its 52% conversion rate from registration to attendees, which is substantially higher than the typical conversion rate average of 45%.
The success drives Callbox to produce more virtual events about relevant sales and marketing topics that would help business leaders come up with careful decisions. And, one of the upcoming webinars to look forward to is Callbox Spotlight: How Successful Tech Companies Leverage Outsourced Marketing, on June 30, 2 PM SGT and July 2, 11 AM PDT.


Sell the Webinar First, Your Product Second: The Key to a Standout Virtual Event

Callbox’s Sell the Webinar First, Your Product Second webinar was a sold out success. It was held last May 27, in two different time zones, 11 AM SGT and 11 AM PDT, to cater both APAC and US attendees. The live virtual event talked about creating and hosting a real standout virtual event, which is key to engaging audiences – both current and future customers, and elaborated on the following topics:

Identifying your Invitees

In this topic, attendees learned how to identify the right audience and categorize them into different types based on their behaviours to be able to craft the right messaging for each.

Preparing to Promote

Tips were shared on how to prepare and choose the appropriate channels to use in promoting webinars like hosting and ticketing platforms, as well as optimizing website, email and social media.

Securing the Signup

The discussion focused on leveraging video email when sending out reminders to ensure that the target number of sign ups is achieved.

Forget Not the Follow-up

The webinar also taught how to manage No Shows, Non-Registrants and action steps on how to properly follow-up attendees.

Analyzing it All After

Here, attendees were advised to look closely into the webinar results like attendee profiles, surveys, polls and feedback, and use the data as success metrics and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Overall, the webinar paved the way for the attendees to learn how to leverage marketing automation to drive registration, attendees and conversions from virtual events.

Callbox’s core service is to provide quality leads for its clients to help them achieve optimal growth, but also sees the importance of educating them which is key to better engagement and gaining their trust. This is how the successful sales and marketing masterclasses were incepted that educated clients on sales prospecting, marketing automation, email marketing, and all other topics relevant to business growth.

And, we’re happy to let you know that we have another webinar coming up on June 17, at 2 PM SGT and 11 AM PDT, titled Capture Future Customers: Produce Content That Makes Prospects Buy with Callbox’s Content Manager, Ben, who will share knowledge on how to create compelling content and the right channels to use. Be there and let’s learn together.

Callbox Webinar Poster

[WEBINAR] Sell the Webinar First, Your Product Second

Making Your Virtual Event a Real Standout With Marketing Automation

After the success of our Sales Cadence webinar series held during the first quarter of this year, we are back with another topic designed to complement your learnings and add to your skills from the previous webinar.

More than just generating leads, events can help you build rapport, strengthen your relationship with clients and peers, and become one of the recognized names in the industry. Events should be a staple on your marketing menu. With the current restrictions on large gatherings though, events have transitioned online.

For sure, with the sudden surge in webinars and virtual events, your prospects are faced with so many accessible opportunities to learn and network. You are not the only one presenting them with invitations to your virtual events. Your goal is to stand out among all their webinar options and convince them to choose your event.

Callbox’s creative team will facilitate the webinar and will be hosted by its Creative Director for Marketing, Charmaine Española, who will discuss the following topics and how they fit into your automated marketing campaign:

  • Identifying your Invitees – Be sure not to miss any possible attendee
  • Preparing to Promote – Line up the materials you need to get the word out
  • Securing the Signup – Don’t just send generic invites. Get creative!
  • Analyzing it All After – Gain as much insight as you can from your event metrics

After the webinar, all attendees are assured of the following takeaways:

  • Be able to optimize marketing automation in virtual events
  • Learn the key steps for executing B2B webinars with marketing automation
  • Acquire knowledge on marketing automation’s best practices, tools and solutions to generate better results

Leverage the power of Marketing Automation and create personalized customer experiences through events. Join the Sell the Webinar First, Your Product Second webinar on May 27, 11:00 AM.

Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 Webinar, A Week Away

Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 Webinar, A Week Away

It’s a week away from Callbox’s Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 webinar, and if you haven’t registered yet, you may click the link below to be counted in.

In the webinar, you will discover fresh insights about building the right sales cadence that carries off successful handoffs of potential leads from marketing to sales and will highlight key points on channels, content and customized messaging that align a buyer’s needs, gauge his readiness to buy. The following topics will be discussed:

  • A Sales Cadence That Will Land You Meetings
  • Elements Of A Sales Cadence
  • Channels And Content Commonly Used
  • Expanding Your Sales Cadence
  • Different Messaging For A Different Purpose
  • Sales Cadence For New Sales
  • Sales Cadence For Repeat Business

The webinar will be joined in by sales and marketing enthusiasts across industries who are searching for better sales strategies that they could either fully implement or integrate with their current sales process. 

These passionate individuals are looking for answers for questions like how many touchpoints you should make before you can get a prospect to agree for an appointment, is there a specific email copy to be used for each touchpoint, or which period would be the best to call a prospect to follow up

If you have such or similar questions in mind, Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 webinar will provide you the answers through a detailed discussion which will be conducted by Callbox’s Creative Director for Marketing, Charmaine Española. Attendees are assured of the following key takeaways:

  • Acquire ease in tracking your place in the process without duplicating or missing a step.
  • Be able to refine challenging points and identify the most effective steps in the process. 
  • Learn to focus on and prioritize efforts on the most important tasks through sequencing.

It’s time to check what’s working and not. Learn the right sales cadence that drives winning deals and upticks sales numbers at Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 webinar, February 27, 2 pm.


Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 – The Kickoff

Sales cadence is one of the most popular sales tools, and Callbox has got the right one for you:

Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020.

Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020 (webinar) that will happen on February 27, 2:00 PM SGT

Fresh from last year’s sales prospecting masterclass series which focused on providing insights on modern ABM sales prospecting strategies, the lead management solutions leader is back, all up and ready to share another sales and marketing tool that has been working well for them in generating leads and closing deals for the past fifteen years.

This year, Callbox delves into the middle of the funnel, focusing on proper lead nurturing and qualification, and enhancing a prospect’s engagement by using the right sales cadence. A stage in the buyer’s journey that is quite difficult to manage as it conjures a bulk of critical steps on handling leads from marketing to sales as well as tightening lead quality.

In the upcoming masterclass, Callbox will free the funnel from bottlenecks by sharing knowledge on the right sales cadence that will help carry out successful handoffs of leads from marketing to sales.

Webinar Speakers

The following topics will be discussed:

  • A Sales Cadence That Will Land You Meetings
  • Elements Of A Sales Cadence
  • Channels And Content Commonly Used
  • Expanding Your Sales Cadence
  • Different Messaging For A Different Purpose
  • Sales Cadence For New Sales
  • Sales Cadence For Repeat Business

Callbox’s seasoned femme leader, Charmaine Española, Callbox’s Creative Director for Marketing, will conduct the masterclass.

Attendees are ensured of the following key takeaways:

  • Acquire ease in tracking your place in the process without duplicating or missing a step.
  • Be able to refine challenging points and identify the most effective steps in the process. 
  • Learn to focus and prioritize efforts on the most important tasks through sequencing.

Join us on February 27, 2:00 PM SGT and learn how to manage your leads with ease and transform into high converting opportunities at, Not Your Grandma’s Sales Cadence: Selling in 2020.

Clutch Recognizes Callbox as a Global Leader for IT and Business Services

Clutch Recognizes Callbox as a Global Leader for IT and Business Services

Since 2004, Callbox has grown from a small startup to a full-service firm specializing in lead generation, appointment setting, and database solutions. We allow our clients to connect with target buyers in any market, increase win rates and deal values, scale and adapt to developments and make more informed decisions. With over 10,000 campaigns carried out, Callbox has become a leader in the BPO industry. We are proud to announce that we have been recognized by Clutch for being a Global Leader for the IT and Business Service Industries. 

Since 2013, Clutch has served as a platform for prospective clients to perform their market research on. On Clutch, buyers are able to view leader rankings as well as individual company profiles. Callbox can be found on the Clutch leady rankings for call center services. A rating and verified customer reviews can be found on each profile. Check out our most recent rating below. 

Callbox Clutch Rating

The Manifest and Visual Objects also feature our work. These Clutch sister sites offer buyers a unique perspective on company research. Visual Objects allows companies to advertise their industry expertise by displaying a portfolio of past work on each company profile. The Manifest features us on the industry ranking for top voice services companies. State of tech news and how-to guides are also found on The Manifest. 

The Callbox team is proud to be recognized as a Clutch leader. 

We are honored and excited to be featured as a Clutch Global Leader in the IT and Business Services category – CEO of Callbox.

If you or your company is in need of a new BPO partner, check us out today.

Callbox + HubSpot: Unbox New Growth Possibilities

Callbox + HubSpot: Unbox New Growth Possibilities

For more than 15 years, Callbox has been helping businesses grow through lead generation and appointment setting. Since year one, we have made it our mission to be a part of our customers’ success by providing them with the skills, strategies, and technologies needed to drive their growth.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Callbox has partnered with HubSpot. Callbox and HubSpot share the same deep-set belief and passion for helping businesses grow and with the union of our outbound expertise and HubSpot’s inbound prowess, we can deliver a more seamless and end-to-end prospect/customer relationship for our clients.

HubSpot improves the overall lifecycle management of Callbox leads and appointments and we are optimistic that through this partnership, our clients will be able to convert more leads into closed deals faster., says Rebecca Matias, Callbox’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

We have been working closely together so that you may take advantage of the various features that HubSpot has to offer on top of our Pipeline CRM which in turn will make the lead generation and customer acquisition process easier for you. To name a few, here are the top perks of the Callbox and HubSpot partnership that will definitely impact your lead gen campaign:

Improved Lead Management

HubSpot offers a complete marketing/sales/service CRM that unifies your data for better prospect/customer experience. Native integration with familiar tools like Gmail/Outlook email and calendar, lets you nurture leads better and in a more timely manner.

Setting appointments is now even easier using the Meetings tool. Additional features include a task builder to help you track and organize your tasks and follow-ups.

Going Mainstream

Sync HubSpot with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more and keep your databases aligned. HubSpot’s integration with popular CRMs lets you maintain a concurrent data state across platforms and teams.

Integrations are not just limited to CRMs. Connect existing tools and supercharge your nurturing campaigns via automation platforms such as Zapier,, Workato, and many others.

Deeper Insights of Website Visitors

This feature is neat especially for the fact that it gives you a clear view of not only who and how many contacts visit your website but also of the way visitors interact with your content. You will get notified each time a lead visits your website as well as get a view of known companies that go to your website.

Moreover, your Callbox team can then qualify/nurture these leads and convert them into sales appointments.

Connect your Forms to your CRM

Grow your database with leads from your website using smart online forms. Your form fills will not come to you delayed, but will rather be updated in real-time so you never have to worry whether you’ll get an accurate update at the end of the day or days within the week.

Ensure that your sales team focus on the leads and opportunities with the greatest chance of becoming your customers by letting your Callbox team handle the tedious tasks of qualifying and nurturing your form leads.

Better Live Chat Control

To stay better connected with your prospects, HubSpot also gives you an improved live chat tool so you can have better control over your chat mechanics. You can now get notified via phone and immediately respond to any queries or concerns via your phone or desktop.

As Callbox and Hubspot are now officially partners, we are looking forward to improving our services and tools even further as time goes by.

Callbox Updates Pipeline CRM with ABM Features and UI Makeover (Featured Image)

Callbox Updates Pipeline CRM with ABM Features and UI Makeover

Suite of new features and capabilities makes Pipeline CRM a smarter and more streamlined tool for orchestrating Callbox marketing campaigns.

Callbox, an award-winning B2B lead generation company, this week released fresh updates to Pipeline, its proprietary CRM and marketing automation platform. The recently-unveiled updates include the following:

The new feature set vastly enhances and extends Pipeline CRM’s user experience and core functionalities for both clients and internal users.

We wanted to go beyond just tweaking Pipeline’s look and feel, says Rebecca Matias, Callbox’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

All these changes were made with the goal of giving users the ability to quickly see the big picture or drill down for a detailed view of things—from the campaign, accounts and contacts, all the way down to individual touches.

New ABM capabilities

One of these major improvements is the integration of ABM features into Pipeline. Pipeline CRM now enables Callbox campaigns to effectively apply account-based lead generation and sales prospecting strategies.

Users can now choose between Contacts View and Accounts View when looking at leads and prospects. Under Accounts View, contacts are displayed according to the organization they’re connected to. This makes it easy to target accounts and understand which decision makers in a company to engage.

Account View

Contact View

More intuitive dashboard and Richer reporting features

The Callbox team also redesigned the layout and appearance of Pipeline’s main dashboard and other reports pages based on user suggestions and feedback.

Aside from grouping leads by account as the default view, the main dashboard now shows lead scores for each prospect alongside other key details. This gives users a real-time update of each lead’s status at a single glance.

Pipeline Home

Campaign Reports

Streamlined Lead Nurture interface

Pipeline CRM ships with a marketing automation engine called Lead Nurture. Lead Nurture allows users to easily define and execute custom lead nurturing schemes using a drag-and-drop workspace.

This week’s round of updates also focused on improving the Lead Nurture UI. A major change is the addition of a new tab for viewing email templates used in a lead nurturing scheme. This enables users to handily determine which templates are working and which ones aren’t.

The redesigned UI for Lead Nurture now displays scheme performance reports by default. This aligns with the other enriched reporting features included in the new Pipeline updates.

Lead Nurture Reports

Lead Nurture Emails

Faster and more robust overall performance

A huge portion of the new updates were carried out to improve Pipeline CRM’s response and page load times. Better server management and backend optimization have resulted in a significant boost in performance.

It’s a faster and smarter platform, Rebecca adds. The key thing is that it helps produce better results for our customers.

The new and improved Pipeline CRM will go live on July 8, 2019. In the meantime, a beta version of the new and improved Pipeline is now up and running. Current Pipeline users can take it for a spin via this link: